I Still Believe In Notre Dame Football

At N2K Sports, I’m in the minority in terms of college football. I’m the only one in the group who likes Notre Dame Football. And for me, “like” is an understatement.  So if you’re like me, you believed Malik Zaire when he deemed himself the “savior of Notre Dame football”.  Then you were probably heartbroken when he went down with a broken ankle injury against Virginia. Sean and TJ went right ahead counting the Irish out of playoff contention; that is, if they were even going to be in contention in the second half of the year in the first place.  Though Zaire is an unquestioned leader and his injury only things the Irish offense out more after the Tarean Folston MCL injury, I say not so fast boys. Irish fans, we might have another savior.

DeShone Kizer, a redshirt freshman from Central Catholic in Toledo, is now QB1. At the snap of a finger (or a bone in the ankle, sorry Malik), he has the keys to the car that everyone wants to drive.  He’s not (Zayn) Malik by any stretch of the imagination. But this doesn’t mean he can’t win, and this doesn’t mean the Irish are out of it yet. I haven’t lost faith in the Irish and as a fan, I believe in DeShone as my team’s starting signal caller. And here’s why.

Kizer knows the offense. Sure, his experience comes in garbage time against Texas and in a little less than half a game against the Cavaliers. He had some Matt Saracen moments, looking a little rough upon entry. But like Saracen he buckled down and threw a long, game winning touchdown pass. Kizer watched Everett Golson last year, and he learned precisely what not to do to win games. In the Music City Bowl, he saw Zaire beat LSU and dominate Texas in the first game, so he also knows what it takes to win.

He also has tools. He’s got the prototypical size you want in a quarterback, standing at 6’4” and weighing in at 230 pounds.  He’s got a big arm, and while he doesn’t have breakaway speed, he can move. Coach Brian Kelly calls Kizer a natural leader, and he believes in Kizer’s ability to win, despite his inexperience. Coach Kelly typically gets the most out of his quarterbacks, and if he buys into DeShone Kizer, then damnit, so do I.

Notre Dame’s season isn’t done. Give me the CFB Playoff or give me death!

(Disclaimer- Don’t actually give me death. Sadness and disappointment will suffice.)


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