The Dark Knight Surprises

Very bold Matt Harvey, very bold. I honestly do not know why the Dark Knight himself thinks it is a good idea to announce that he happens to have an inning limit of 180 innings this late in the season. Question: Matthew, why do you play baseball? Hopefully to win and get a World Series ring. Okay so instead of doing that plan let’s make a new one, I’m just going to watch come October and maybe you guys can win me a ring? Fool proof plan you have yourself there Matthew Edward. In fairness, Harvey did say he would be available for the postseason but I’ll believe that when I see it. Now I understand if any pitching rotation can handle this innings limit it is the New York Mets, they’re six starters deep and on top of that they have Zack Wheeler who will come back next season. They will most likely lose Bartolo Colon to either free agency or retirement, therefore next season their starting rotation will still be six men deep. Hint hint, Matthew, that makes you expendable. I get that you fall under arbitration until 2018 but still why should they pay you when chances are they’ll lose your contract come free agency 2019. Perhaps outside of Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, your trade value will be the highest, If I’m looking to find an ace, I don’t want somebody who won’t fight for the opportunity to be pitching in September and October. Harvey should be chomping at the bit to prove he is the best and earn his ring this postseason. If I were New York I would trade one of those six pitchers, as opposed to moving one to the bullpen, even though I am not a big fan of Harvey, he is still not a player you can trade, the city of New York loves him and when this innings limit fiasco is over he will be a shut down pitcher and along with deGrom, Syndergaard, Wheeler, and Matz/Niese. The Mets are just coming along and their lineup looks scary down the road especially if they move Wheeler, Matz or Niese to get another bat, league take notice. Washington and New York should each be pushing 95 wins into October and the NL East will soon get extremely top heavy.

The one thing that annoys me the most out of this entire situation is the fact that Harvey was very unclear about the entire innings limit situation. One day the Mets said Harvey will pitch the remainder of the season and the next day Harvey said Dr. Andrews gave him an 180 inning limit. If this is the case, no number one pitcher has ever pitched an entire season under 180 innings (probably) so take your days off in the spring and summer, definitely not the fall. The fall is crunch time and as the Dark Knight, you’re just watching the Bat Symbol light up the sky and saying, “Nah, Gotham doesn’t need me tonight. The doctor said I shouldn’t go out with my cold.” Now I’m no doctor and I do not know much about Tommy John Surgery and I know its track record has included many innings limits, including Strasburg when Washington could’ve used him down the stretch but Strasburg was clear about his limit throughout the season while Matt Harvey was not. I am by no means saying he should throw 200+ innings this season but I am saying he needed to be more clear throughout the season and maybe take off the first month of the season as opposed to the last month. With all this being said I still do not like Matt Harvey, even when he was in college I wasn’t a fan, I could respect his talent but I just never really have liked UNC baseball players maybe with the exception of Andrew Miller. I like Miller because I LOVE relief pitchers, I think bullpens win games, and win seasons.

The Mets currently have a six game lead on the Nationals for the NL East crown and I hope that Washington pulls it together, continues their winning streak and find some way to top the Mets. I do like the Mets but I kind of want to see them miss the playoffs due to Matt Harvey’s selfishness. Harvey pitched last night, and he was masterful…. in five innings work, Matt left the game with a 1-0 lead after pitching five innings, one hit, one walk, and seven strikeouts. The Mets went on to lose to the New York Yankees 11-2. The Mets bullpen didn’t have it but in their defense they should not have had to pitch four innings, maybe one or two. We will see how it plays out, and let’s go Washington, I guess.


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