Tristan Thompson Needs To Relax

P.S.A. For Tristan Thompson, you’re not worth 13 million dollars a year.

Granted Tristan Thompson is in line for some sort of extension from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but it’s not worth more than the four year, 52 million dollar deal he turned down. Thompson played great when it counted in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, but the fourth overall pick from 2011 hasn’t done much else in his NBA career. In fact, last year my roommate even asked when this guy got on the team. And my roommate buys 2K yearly so he should at least know who is on what team. The most points this guy has averaged in a season is 11.7, twice. He even shoots a low percentage for a power forward. How is he going to ask for more than 13 million when he can’t put the ball in the basket. I am not calling Tristan Thompson a bad basketball player by any stretch of the imagination. But when you’re best asset is rebounding, you don’t deserve a gargantuan contract extension. The leagues leading rebounder in DeAndre Jordan got himself in a sticky situation this offseason with his contract negotiations, but he deserves his money because he also happens to be the best rim protector in the league. In fact, I believe the only reason Thompson went off in the Finals was due to the absence of All-Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love (shoutout to Kelly Olynyk). Matthew Dellavedova played well in the Finals and you don’t see him asking for 70 million, because he knows his role. Thompson does not. This is a guy who gets points on putbacks and dunks. Which really doesn’t take much skill. He can’t shoot or dribble and isn’t a great defender. He’s also undersized for a power forward. If this guy thinks he’s deserving of more than half of LeBron’s salary, he’s on some type of drug. If I’m the Cavs, I don’t even come close to upping my deal. Thompson needs to figure it out before he screws himself out of millions of dollars.


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