CFB Week 5 Picks

Since the start of this blog, I haven’t really given college football the love I should be giving it. But cut me some slack- I’m still a college student and there’s roughly a billion games per weekend. So here are my picks for Week 5, strictly focusing on the Top 25.


Stanford (21) has Oregon State in the Beaver State. I don’t see them having a problem with this game, regardless if Kevin Hogan’s injury is at full strength. The Beavers gave Michigan a good first half a few weeks ago, but they’re too young to hang with any semi-decent team. Stanford will build off of that big win against USC. Stanford by 14.


BYU (22) at Michigan. I think the only thing that BYU is exceptional at is playing dirty; if it wasn’t for two really lucky plays, they’re 0-3. Michigan by 7.

Central Michigan vs Michigan State (2)…. Seriously, do I have to explain this one? I think the Spartans have a real chance to be one of the last four teams standing this year. Michigan State by 20.

Georgia Tech (20) at Duke. I think the Hornets end up winning. They played Notre Dame very hard last week. That triple option is a pain in the ass to cover, and they’ve got good size and speed. Hornets by 10.

Southern vs. Georgia (7). The Bulldogs look to be back to their elite ways. I think they’ll continue their hot start. UGA hasn’t really seen a big-time challenger yet, so this is just another blip on the schedule for them. Georgia by 30.

LSU (8) at Syracuse. Leonard Fournette very well could win the Heisman this year; he is the best back in college football. Fournette himself is just way too much for the Orange to handle. LSU by 24.

Rice is at Baylor (5) this weekend, and the Bears should take this one. Their high octane offense will continue to be high-octane. They shouldn’t have any problems. Baylor by a million.

UMass at Notre Dame (6). I plan on having an article about this game specifically out tomorrow. I get I’m an Irish fan, but c’mon, give me a break. Irish by 30.

Western Michigan at Ohio State (1). I get the defending national champions looked bad last week and definitely survived a scare, but I wouldn’t be worried. No team is perfect and is prone to bad games. Coach Meyer won’t let that happen again. Ohio State by 24.

Louisiana Munroe at Alabama (12). I think dropping Alabama completely out of the Top 10 is a little harsh. Alabama was overrated at the beginning of the season, and they’re not indestructible. But they will come back with a win. Tide by 35.

Texas A&M (14) at Arkansas. I don’t know a ton about either of these teams at all. But just looking at the game set, I have a weird feeling about this one. Give me the Aggies, but only by 3. Just a hunch.

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss (3). One of my roommates blew off how prolific the Rebels’ offense was through the first two wins. Putting up 43 on the Tide defense in Tuscaloosa proves their legitimacy. If I was the SEC, I’m afraid of Chad Kelly (Swag) and the return to legitimacy of Laquon Treadwell. Ole Miss by 30.

UCLA (9) at Arizona (16). This has the makings to potentially be the best game of the weekend. Arizona is a hard place to play. And the Bruins go into it with no Myles Jack, who’s an absolute beast. Wildcats by 7.

Ball State at Northwestern (17). Good start for Northwestern; their football program seems to be turning around for sure. But somewhere along the line, they’ll be the Northwestern we all know and love. Ball State by 10.

Hawaii at Wisconsin (22). On Wisconsin. Another game where I’m not well-read on either team. All I know is that Hawaii isn’t good at football. Wisconsin by 22.

Utah (18) at Oregon (13). Utah is a legit team with some talent and toughness. Devontae Booker really impresses me with his versatility in the Utes’ offense. But Oregon is too fast and too talented. Ducks by 14.

USC (19) at Arizona State. I typically really like it when USC struggles, because they’re always ranked way too highly at the beginning of the season. The Stanford loss brought them back to earth. But Cody Kessler won’t let them lose two straight. USC by 10.


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