My Write-Up on the Notre Dame vs. UMass “Game”

So TJ, proving his loyalty to his school, thinks that UMass will beat Notre Dame at 3:30… In South Bend… With Blake Whatever-His-Last-Name-Is being the hero…. That’s cute. I don’t care if he said in his article “they’ll cover the spread”. That’s not what he said last week when UMass, “pretty much beat Temple” and Notre Dame “struggled against Georgia Tech” (as if those two teams are even in the same ballpark).  He’s been saying “pray for Notre Dame” literally all week.  In terms of the spread, I don’t blame his reasoning for betting UMass, who are 28.5 point underdogs. I never like big spreads to begin with, and couple that with the fact that Notre Dame absolutely adores playing to the level of whoever they’re facing, it’s probably a safe bet. But that’s not what he said first. I have the texts to prove it; they’re just peppered with way too many expletives to be shared on a blog that’s just trying to make a name for itself.

But since I have journalistic freedom, I’m just going to argue with his initial guarantees of victory.  I could realistically write a really long post on this game. I could delve into the statistics, and then the statistics on the statistics. It makes me arrive at this one word… no. Just no. UMass does not deserve to be on the same field as Notre Dame. They do not deserve to play upon the turf at Notre Dame Stadium. They are a blip on the schedule. UMass played Temple really competitive last week at Gillette, and almost upset Vanderbilt a year ago, let’s not take that away. But keep in mind… that’s Temple. And Vanderbilt. This is big-boy football. DeShone Kizer had an excellent starting debut last week against a downright better Georgia Tech team. He already has a rapport with Will Fuller, who is a top 5 receiver in the country.  The Minutemen will absolutely not be able to subdue Jaylon Smith because no one this season has successfully silenced Jaylon Smith. Tajae Sharpe is ok (he’d be the Irish’s 3rd or 4th receiver), but KeiVarae Russell will not have any problems with him. This could get ugly for the Minutemen.
DISCLAIMER: Because I posted this before Saturday, since karma hates me, Notre Dame may lose.

DISCLAIMER TO MY DISCLAIMER: I love the Irish, I always have, and I always will. But when you’ve watched them lose as many games that they shouldn’t have as I’ve watched, you start to expect it after a while. But not this week.


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