Could the Patriots ACTUALLY Go Undefeated This Season?

Honestly, the 2007 Patriots season stands to be one of my favorites that I can remember. I know that they lost Super Bowl XLII, and that was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to watch in my life as a sports fan. But watching them go undefeated and dominating almost everyone along the way was unreal. I’m knocking on wood as I type this, but I think the Patriots stand a legitimate chance at going undefeated in the regular season again. It had crossed my mind, but after the drubbing against Jacksonville yesterday (I know, it’s the Jaguars, but still), I really see it as a possibility. And here’s why:

Tom Brady

If Brady is your starting quarterback, you have a chance to win every game anyways. But he’s a man on a mission. In my opinion, he’s the most self-motivated athlete in sports. He wants to prove people wrong and shut people up. He’s yet to turn the ball over, and he’s got the weapons and chemistry he needs.


The ’07 squad had big names. Obviously, the biggest one was Randy Moss (the greatest receiver of all time). Moss was dominant, and he literally seemed like he could score on any given play from anywhere on the field. That reminds me of Gronk. I think Moss’ TD record is in trouble. And if he’s healthy, Gronk will be the man to break it. If Gronk is Moss, Edelman is Welker (Oh, wow, good job Tyler! Haven’t heard that comparison before!). Edelman in my eyes is way better than Welker. Edelman has better hands and he’s tougher.

Role Players

The 2007 roster had WAY more star power than this one does. But this team is legit. Everyone knows about the guys like Ninkovich, Amendola, Slater and others who are put in positions that they can succeed. And they prove Belichick right almost every single time. Every guy on this team knows his role, and each one is good at it.

New Faces

Dion Lewis and Malcolm Butler have really impressed me thus far. I know everyone knows Butler’s name now, but he’s really played like a top corner thus far this season. Sure, Antonio Brown gave him some trouble, but Brown gives everyone trouble. Butler held his own against Pittsburgh, and the games against Buffalo and Jacksonville prove that he is legit. As for Lewis, you can’t help but think of Kevin Faulk based on his size and his number. He’s better though. I almost think of Dion Lewis as a poor man’s Maurice Jones-Drew- really small and shifty, hard to tackle because of his low center of gravity, he can catch passes, and he can run.


I will not sit here and try to tell you that the Patriots have a good defense. I’m not stupid. I know the stats and I’ve seen the messy plays they’ve made. But there’s one key word in describing them: opportunistic. I don’t care if they’re in the bottom five of total defense. They lead the league in picks. They have ballhawks in their secondary, even if they get burned every now and then. They have an excellent linebacking core and a solid, stout D-line.

Yes, Patriot fans, New England could go undefeated. Don’t take this as me predicting it, don’t take this as me guaranteeing it. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be surprised.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Luke Butera says:

    They play the Giants this year


    1. Tyler Bates says:

      Based on the G-men’s ability to destroy almost any 4th quarter lead (or inability to close, whichever you want to use), I’m not worried


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