BC vs. Wake Forest Preview

The Eagles are playing in a must-win game this week. They’re one game above .500 and if they have any hope of finding themselves in a bowl game this year, then BC has to avoid as many ACC losses as possible. This Wake Forest team has less has less talent, an injured QB and they are playing on the road, all three things you do not want to experience as a team. Get ready for an ugly low scoring game.

We’ll start off by looking at the offenses facing off. First up is the Demon Deacons, who have Freshman QB Kendall Hinton leading the way. They’re only doing this because regular starter John Wolford went down. Hinton is much better as a rusher than he is passer. Through three games he has rushed for 218 yards and 4 touchdowns. The passing story is a little different as he has already thrown 4 picks to 2 TD’s. On top of this Wake Forest has one of the smaller lines in college football, a bad stable of running backs and inconsistent receiver play. This offense is in for a tough day

If you thought hearing about that Wake Forest offense was bad you might not want to read this paragraph. This offense looks like it is stuck in a state of rigor mortis every time it steps on the field. Starting QB Darius Wade is out for the season and Addazio has decided to go with a 2 QB system. Troy Flutie has been getting the most of the time, but he has struggled. He has 1 pick on the year to 3 TD’s. Jeff Smith the other QB is strictly a runner as he has only thrown for 30 yards while he has been in. Star running back Jon Hilliman as well has been dealing with injuries hampering his performance this year. This offense really struggles to get the ball moving.

Next up is the Wake Forest defense. They played a very well game against florida state but they still let the more talented team put up more point. They can keep teams from tearing them up in yardage but they just cannot keep points off the board. Already twice this season their defense has held teams to less yards than their offense and still managed to lose. This game should be a little easier but do not be surprised if when you see the yards for BC they do not at all relate to the score.

BC’s defense is the exact opposite of their offense. This defense is big strong and they are good. They have one of the best front sevens out there with a defensive line that stops the run and excellent edge rushers coming from the outside linebacker positions. They have a shaky but athletic secondary that can make plays when offenses are being pressured heavily up front. This is a matchup that the eagles’ defense has to like.

This is BC’s game to lose. Their offense will struggle but because of the horrific offensive line that Wake Forest has BC’s defense should play in a dominant fashion forcing turnovers and exposing an unprepared freshman QB. I believe that the offense can capitalize on the defensive plays and put up enough points to beat the Demon Deacons. Eagles still by 14, In Troy we Trust!


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