Greg Hardy, You Suck

My mom is a very nice woman. Growing up, she would teach me not to use hate. “Hate is a strong word”, she used to say. She tried to make me a thoughtful and forgiving person. I think she succeeded, for the most part, because I remember what she said about the dreaded ‘h-word’.

Sorry, mom. I HATE Greg Hardy. I HATE him. I HATE him. I HATE him. I don’t wish bad things upon anyone, but let’s just say if he had a serious injury or something bad happened to him, I would not be able to care less about it. He is the WORST. I can’t understand how he has fans, I can’t understand how he is allowed to play football, and I can’t understand how Jerry Jones’ competitive nature can overtake his ethics.

For those of you that don’t know, Greg Hardy was suspended four games for his role in a domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend. He allegedly threatened to kill her, hit her, and threw her on a pile of guns. Originally, he got 10 games, but because Roger Goodell is literally an idiot and does not have a successful punishment system set up, Hardy was able to get his sanctions reduced.

Some said 10 games was too many games, such as the arbiter, Harold Henderson. I’m actually used to be one that believed your conduct off the field shouldn’t affect how you make your living on the field too much. My opinions have shifted over the last few years, however. The NFL is chock full of criminals- 1 in every 40 are arrested in a given year. Hell, the league just had their first arrest-free month in over a year recently. These clowns don’t understand that playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right. At least, the first time around.

I won’t defend Michael Vick for running a dog-fighting ring. Or Ben Roethlisberger for ‘allegedly’ raping someone. Or Ray Rice for hitting his fiancée. But if there’s a silver lining, they learned. Look, they made mistakes. I don’t think what they did needs to be learned not to do in the first place to begin with, but either way they admitted their wrongdoings.  Hardy, on the other hand, made his absolutely stupid comment about coming out “guns blazing” (don’t tell me that was a coincidence) and talking about how he hoped Brady’s wife would be in attendance at the game with her friends.

Hardy got away with any legal punishment because his girlfriend didn’t cooperate with the court. He got away with this one too. The Cowboys still pay him millions of dollars. He will still play for the majority of his games this year. He still made over $13 million from his contract with the Panthers last season. His suspension didn’t matter- he got away with it. And he has not learned from his mistake. He never will learn from his mistake. He’s too much of an ass, he’s too careless, and he’s too stupid to.

If the NFL really wanted to clean up their image, they’d start with Greg Hardy. They’d set a strong stance against domestic violence, against rape, and against association with any felony. Hardy challenges Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis for my least favorite athletes ever. He shouldn’t be allowed in the NFL. He should be in prison. If the NFL had any set of (morals) they’d take a strong stance against it.

Disclaimer- That moron Goodell is still in charge though, and his main concerns lie in the PSI of footballs. So that’s wishful thinking.


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