Was Utley’s Slide Okay?

For those who haven’t seen the play develop, first watch it here. A lot of people that have been talking about the slide and honestly I can’t take some professional opinions given seriously.

First off, this is playoff baseball, this is a win anyway possible type atmosphere. If I were a Dodgers fan I would love to see that fight in my player to bring a championship back to LA. Secondly, know the situation, one out in the seventh inning with the tying runner on third base. If Ruben Tejada completes that double play, the Dodgers do not tie the game and perhaps lose the game. Sure the slide might have been dirty but that same slide is accepted among baseball and Chase Utley who has turned his fair share of double plays definitely knows that. Some cons to the slide are definitely those Mets fans that will blame their NLDS loss on that one slide, which is absurd. That ideology will most likely manifest into that Chase Utley cost them the World Series in 2015 which is even more absurd. Utley ended up being called safe on the play and that’s an entire separate argument that I would love to have. The neighborhood rule is an accepted baseball double play facet and it should’ve applied to this play. Tejada was the width of a shoelace from the second base bag and after further review, Chase Utley was called safe and placed back into scoring position. Ironically, Utley ended up scoring in that inning along with Howie Kendrick who would’ve been the second out if the double play was successful. That is maybe all the evidence I need because BALL DON’T LIE (which means karma will work itself out).

This sequence of events in game very well could’ve changed the momentum of this game but it will only affect on the series if the Mets let it. With that being said, the Mets are still going to lose this series. Sorry New York but maybe next year, the Curse of Chase Utley has begun!


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