Lionel Messi Really Did It This Time

I’m not going to pretend to be a diehard soccer fan, I’m actually far from it. I’m a stereotypical American soccer fan. I know the well known players around the world, and I only watch the Olympics and World Cup. But something happened recently in the soccer world that even caught my eye.

The second best soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi, could go to jail for almost two years. Why, you might ask? Tax fraud. Now this drives me up a wall. This guy’s salary is 20 million Euros a year, which balances out to just over 22 million American dollars. In total, he made 64 million. HOW ARE YOU NOT GOING TO PAY YOUR TAXES WHEN YOU’RE MAKING THAT MUCH MONEY? To make matters worse, his dad is involved. Talk about bonding with your dad. Him and his dad supposedly used fake companies in Europe to avoid paying taxes. Don’t ask me how that makes sense but it happened. They cheated there way out of paying 4.16 million euros (4.73 million American dollars). Since the Messi’s have been caught, they have paid the taxes owed, which is just so convenient as now they can’t be charged for not paying, but can still be charged for evasion.

If and when the Messi’s are found guilty, they could go to jail for 22 months. I don’t think it’ll happen because Messi is a world renowned athlete, and this is his first offense. Jorge Messi has also declined Lionel’s involvement in any way.

There’s no denying Messi’s greatness. He has over 400 career goals and might be the best pure goal scorer in the entire world. He’s the only guy that can rival Cristiano Ronaldo, even though I believe Ronaldo is the better player. For a player who has been compared to another Argentinian legend in Diego Maradona, this might ruin his legacy, regardless of his punishment.


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