Why USC Can’t Move On Past Carroll

USC has lost another season. There is no way this team can turn it around and with another coaching scandal, a program once considered the gold standard of college football has dug itself even deeper into a dark lonely hole. On Sunday Steve Sarkasian was asked to take a leave, as he was seen as unable to perform coaching duties. Less than 24 hours later he was out of a job. There had been murmurs and rumors heading into media about his alcoholism, and with every week since the problems have become worse and more prevalent. USC is becoming a failing program.

Sarkasian’s drinking problems had been news since SEC media day, and with two early losses in the Trojans’ seasons it had been the only news surrounding the program. With his problems being known about since at least August it makes you wonder what USC athletic director Pat Haden was doing with the news he was receiving. There were no talks of coaching changes or methods to make sure Sarkasian was able to perform his job. It was left alone until the school decided to fire the man.

Pat Haden was brought in to usher in a new era and get USC to move on from the sanctions that had been brought on by Pete Carroll. Since 2010 he has done the exact opposite. His first hit was young gun Lane Kiffin, who was heralded as an offensive genius and the savior of USC football. That wasn’t really the story. Kiffin had one successful season, while the rest of his teams failed due to the inability to play any type of defense. After Kiffin was done halfway through the 2013 season, they named Ed Orgeron the interim coach. A true player coach he managed to get the team to buy in and finish the season strong. Players loved him and experts thought he was the obvious higher. Instead Haden decides to hire Washington coach Steve Sarkasian, a man known for winning 7 games a season.

Pat Haden just cannot get anything right. First he brings in Kiffin, who although has revolutionized offenses, could not design and coach a defense to save his life. Then he brings in Sarkasian expecting him to win more than 7 games for some reason, and now we have him firing the guy less than 24 hours after asking him to take a leave. Pat Haden could very well complete Pete Carrol’s mission and destroy USC football.


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