CFB Week 8 Picks

What a week in college football, huh? We had lots of off-the-field incidents in such a short period of time to report on. Despite the scandals, questionable resignations and PEDs, it melts away on Saturdays (or whenever your team plays). I’ve never kept an official score how many I picked right, but with Kevin making picks, I’ll start this week. Better late than never, right? Last week, not including spreads, I was 17-4, while Kevin was 15-6. Let’s get down to it. Our Week 8 picks:

NOTE- #23 Cal and #25 Duke both have bye weeks this week.


#18 UCLA v. #15 Stanford
Tyler: UCLA hasn’t had recent success against Stanford at all. They’re missing big pieces on their defense. They’re on the road. And despite the fact that Josh Rosen has really impressed me this season, he’s still a freshman in a rivalry game. Stanford’s run against UCLA teams will come to an end soon, but not this week. Stanford by 10.
Kevin: UCLA lost against a very beatable Arizona State team. This week they face off against an experienced Cardinal team, as both squads look for a way to the top of the PAC-12 standings. Josh Rosen is new to this rivalry, but expect him to step up and show the Cardinal that they do not want to play him for three years. UCLA by 6.


#24 Houston v. Tulane
Tyler: I’ve been to Tulane’s campus once. Beautiful and prestigious school, and in one of the most amazing cities this country has to offer (New Orleans). Too bad they’re not good at football. Houston is a wide open team that scores a lot- the lowest amount of points they’ve scored this season is 34. Cougars by 24.
Kevin: I have not thought about Tulane since I was making an easy schedule in NCAA 13. Houston has one of the best passing offenses in college football, and they do not struggle to score. Houston by 17.

#21 Boise St. v. Utah State
Tyler: I said it last week, and I’ll adjust what I said slightly- Utah State has a football team? Boise State by 22.
Kevin: The Broncos are gonna keep winning. Boise state by 30.


#13 Ole Miss v. Memphis
Tyler: Second straight cupcake for a potent Rebels offense. There shouldn’t be an issue for Ole Miss taking this one, even if they are on the road. Rebels by 20.
Kevin: This Memphis team is sneaky good starting out 5-0. They have rode their offense to a great start and have shown series improvement. Unfortunately they’re getting into a shootout they cannot win, as Ole Miss could very well have the best offense in football this year. Ole Miss by 27.

Louisville v. #11 Florida State
Tyler: This is it. This is the week that Florida State loses. They’re coming off of a tough game against The U. Louisville is capable, having already taken Clemson down to the wire. I’ll take the Cardinals, even though they’re in Tallahassee. Louisville by a touchdown.
Kevin: Florida State struggled last week, but still managed to pull out a win, being led by an injured Dalvin Cook. He’ll be facing off against a much more skilled opponent this week against Louisville but that will not change much. Seminoles by 10.
West Virginia v. #2 Baylor
Tyler: I actually see this game being really close. West Virginia has just had really crappy luck. They played well at Oklahoma, and then again at home against Oklahoma State. Baylor is better than both of those two schools, but I wouldn’t say they’re more complete than them. I’ll still choose Baylor, but it shouldn’t be a blowout. Bears by 10.
Kevin: West Virginia had a tough loss last week and played an extremely well. They will be going against Baylor and their unstoppable offense this week, and they’ll be doing it in Waco. Baylor receiver Corey Coleman has been unstoppable and with Karl Joseph out for the year, no one can stop him this game. Baylor by 14.

#17 Iowa v. #20 Northwestern
Tyler: I’m interested to see how Northwestern responds a week after a loss in which Michigan just absolutely dominated them. They’re good, but Iowa just plays such a clean game. In what should be a close game (Iowa is favored by 2.5), I’ll take the Hawkeyes. Iowa by 3.
Kevin: Northwestern got absolutely destroyed last week and I do not look at them as the type of team to respond well to that. Iowa on the other hand is still undefeated playing clean games and avoiding bad plays and grinding out wins. This week should not be different. Iowa by 7.

Eastern Michigan v. #24 Toledo
Tyler: This is the third straight Saturday that Toledo has been ranked. This is the third straight Saturday that I will not bother educating myself on their team. But I’ll pick an upset, screw it. Not like there’s a prize anyway. Eastern Michigan by 5.
Kevin: I don’t even know what Toledo’s mascot is. I do know that the Eastern Michigan Eagles are 1-5 though. Toledo by 21.

#10 Alabama v. #9 Texas A&M
Tyler: I thought really long and hard about this game; I went over it a few times in my head. It pits the two best coaches in the SEC (in my opinion). Both teams are out to prove something, both teams will need statement wins to their respective resumes; that’s what this game is. The x-factor is Kyle Allen. Coach Sumlin has had ‘Bama’s number in the recent past. While I said I’d never go against Alabama again, I am now. Texas A&M by 2.
Kevin: Kevin Sumlin has a formula to beat Alabama, and it all has to do with the play of the QB. Alabama is known for their defense and that is how they win, but when facing real stars at QB position they struggle. We’ve seen this is Cam Newton, Johhny Manziel, and Cardale Jones. This week get ready to add Kyle Allen to this list as he takes on the CrimsonTide in College Station. Aggies by 7.

#19 Oklahoma v. Kansas State
Tyler: This is quite the interesting matchup. Oklahoma lost to Texas last week by a touchdown; but, any loss to Texas this season is a bad loss. Kansas State, meanwhile, just went toe-to-toe with TCU, and by all means deserved a win last week. With the second straight tough opponent, I’m going to go with the Wildcats. K-State by 7.
Kevin: Oklahoma did not play well. Baker Mayfield looked like a joke out there and Samaje Perine has not even been close to the elite rusher he was last year. Kansas State just played with one of the best teams in the country and could have won, was it not for late game heroics from Trevone Boykin. Unfortunately for the Wildcats I see this game ending up a lot like the TCU one. Oklahoma by 3.

#7 Michigan State v. #12 Michigan
Tyler: Michigan State has been awful for the last few weeks. Meanwhile, the Wolverines have not allowed a point in over three weeks. That’s ridiculous. The scoreless streak will probably end, but I’m not sure Michigan State can snap out of it. Look for Jabrill Peppers to pick off Connor Cook not once, but twice. Michigan (sigh) by 14.
Kevin: Michigan has been playing like a team possessed. They cannot be stopped, and no one is even thinking about scoring on them right now. Harbaugh came in and changed that program. To make it worse he’s getting to the top the same way Michigan State did, and that’s by having your corners play like 2 of the best 20 players in college. Michigan by 14.

#8 Florida v. #6 LSU
Tyler: LSU has not really impressed me yet this year. They don’t blow teams out that they probably should, but the most important thing is that they keep getting the W’s. Fournette, at this point, is running away with the Heisman. Despite Florida’s excellent defense, I don’t think they’ll be able to keep pace with the Bayou Bengals, especially after losing Will Grier, who was on a roll. LSU by 10.
Kevin: The ball will leave the ground maybe 30 ties this game. It’s Fournette and the Tigers going against an elite Gators defense. Florida’s best player Vernon Hargraeves will have a limited impact due to the lack of passing, making this game a little easier on the Tigers. LSU by 7.
#3 TCU v. Iowa State
Tyler: Good old TCU. Struggling against a team that they have no business struggling against. At least, if you listen to what the experts say. TCU is severely overrated, and if there is any good in the world, they’ll miss the playoff. But they’ll beat Iowa State. The dynamic Trevone Boykin will put up big numbers, per usual. Horned Frogs by 17.
Kevin: TCU looks to continue its unquestioned dominance against far less talented teams. They’re going to get another win, while Boykin and Doctson throw up gaudy numbers once again. TCU by 31.

Boston College v. #5 Clemson
Tyler: Hahahaha. The team who couldn’t put a point up ventures into Death Valley against a Clemson squad that is ROLLING. Tigers by a million (But seriously, like 20).
Kevin: 😦 Tigers by 35.

USC v. #14 Notre Dame
Tyler: As usual, article to come this week. Typically, I’d say this is a very ‘Irish game to lose’. But USC has had so many serious distractions surrounding their team to compliment their porous play on the field. Give me the Irish by 14.
Kevin: I truly could not think of a better situation for USC to be in after just losing their coach. This is still a talented roster, and now they have a chance to get everyone to stop talking about Sark and start talking about USC football. Adoree’ Jackson will shine this week. Trojans by 7 in an instant classic.

Penn State v. #1 Ohio State
Tyler: I hope the people saying OSU is the most overrated team in the country aren’t the same people that think Christian Hackenberg is the best prospect in the country. Hackenberg sucks. He’s all hype. Penn State needs him to come through big time for them to beat the Buckeyes in Columbus. That just won’t happen. I don’t think Cardale Jones will find his stride against the 13th best passing defense in the nation. But they have Ezekiel Elliot. Buckeyes by 10.
Kevin: Ohio State has more talent than anyone in the country. Between Ezekiel Elliot, Eli Apple, Joey Bosa, and Cardale Jones this team does not really have a weakness. Penn State is led by the most overrated QB in college football, and an offensive line that cannot block a baby. Ohio State by 24.

Arizona State v. #4 Utah
Tyler: This could be a scary game for Utah. Obviously, they played well last week, especially defensively. But a lot will argue that Cal lost that game more than the Utes won it. The Sun Devils were ranked at the start of the season- that doesn’t say much, but I think it proves that the roster has talent. Plus, they have the 24th best run defense in the country going against one of the best backs in the nation. As Devontae Booker goes, the Utes will go. Utah by 10.
Kevin: Utah is overrated. Jared Goff played his worst game as a California Bear, and still managed to put himself in position for a win at the end of the game. Utah is in for a shocker this week as they play against Arizona State. They have talent on offense and a defense that can stop almost all rushing attacks. Arizona State by 7.


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