The Patriots Are Going To Win By Triple Digits

Okay, so the title was mainly to attract page views. The Patriots will not win by triple digits Sunday, but that’s only because there aren’t enough possessions for the Patriots to do it. I’m not a gambling man, but if I was, I’d bet my family’s house that New England puts up 40 points minimum. I can even see them eclipsing the 50-point mark. But if you bet on the Colts to cover the spread of 7.5, I’m going to just condemn you as being stupid. Blunt? Maybe. But I don’t care. This will be a blowout of significant proportions.

I love everything about what’s going on with this game. Indianapolis, while winners of their last 3 games, is off to a lackluster start. Even their wins look awful. They’re relying on Matt Hasselbeck, who, though I’m a fan of, I didn’t know still played football. Luck has been injured, and even when he wasn’t, he was just pure garbage. Their offseason acquisitions might as well have not even shown up.

Their fans were planning on paying for a blimp that read “#DeflateThisBrady”…. As if that’s a good idea.  Not that TB12 would notice it anyway because he doesn’t engage in childish, peasant, mid-market team behavior, but Indianapolis plays in a dome. Nice chirp Colts fans, real smart of you. The ticket prices are through the roof; trust me, I checked. If I didn’t get written up like a month ago (much like Brady did, I maintain my innocence), I might’ve been there. This game has all of the hype in the world.

The Patriots will win this game. Period. End of story. I’m not afraid to put it in writing. And here’s why:

Patriots Backfield- I won’t tell you that the Patriots have a dominating backfield. But I will tell you that it’s both diverse and effective. On one side of the spectrum, you’ve got Dion Lewis- a small, compact back reminiscent of Kevin Faulk. He’s killed it in the run game and in the passing attack so far. He’s tough to tackle because of his low center of gravity, and he already has a great rapport with The Great One. Alllllllllll the way on the other side of the spectrum, you’ve got the beast, LeGarrette Blount. I don’t need to say much of this guy. Just watch this. The Colts, in their banner season last year, gave up 4.3 yards per carry, and though this season they’ve improved to giving up 3.9 yards a touch, they remain vulnerable.

Patriots Secondary- No, the Patriots don’t have a statistically dominant defense. They don’t have the services of Darrelle Revis or Brandon Browner, but they have 6 picks in 4 games. While Hasselbeck hasn’t thrown a pick yet (even though he almost lost to Jacksonville and Houston), Luck has thrown 7 by himself…. In 3 games. I’m not worried about Indianapolis’ passing attack. In four career games against the Patriots, Luck has thrown 6 touchdowns to go with 10 interceptions. He’s got talent, he just can’t figure out New England.

Belichick/GOAT- You think Brady and Belichick are REALLY going to let New England lose this game? Really? Honestly? Belichick has gotten some heat before, but Brady’s reputation as the greatest quarterback that God put on this earth was brought into question by those jealous Indy team officials. He’s going to light them up. I don’t know how many TDs he’ll throw, or how they’ll call their offense. All I know is that they’re going to score points, and a lot of them at that.

This has been called the “Revenge Tour” by some. This date has been circled since Deflategate became a thing. Indy has no excuses now- Brady wouldn’t have missed this game had his suspension been held up; they can’t cry foul for that. They are at home, so they can ‘allegedly’ (they did it) pump artificial noise into their stadium, since their bandwagon fans can’t get loud enough indoors on their own. Get ready, Colts fans. This will be ugly. And remember, blasphemy is a sin… Don’t ever come at Tom Brady again. You’ve been warned.

P.S.- In case you couldn’t tell by reading this, I really don’t like the Colts.


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