So Tristan Thompson Got Paid, I Can’t Laugh Hard Enough

Well Tristan Thompson finally got what he didn’t deserve, a massive contract extension. I already wrote about how Tristan Thompson didn’t deserve a contract extension. Did I think he would get a deal done? Yes. But for 5 years and 82 million dollars?! Cleveland, you have a problem. Thompson’s meteoric rise in the playoffs was for reasons I already explained. But the Cavs just shelled out a ton of money to their fourth best starter. And honestly, he would be a 6’8 center, because Kevin Love can’t protect the rim and can spread the floor as a power forward, even though he stands at 6’11. For my money, Timovey Mozgov would be better suited to start because of his size and shot blocking ability, but that’s why I’m writing about this story instead of coaching.

Something that caught my eye right after this was that Tristan Thompson makes about 14 million dollars a year now. In comparison, the reigning MVP Stephen Curry makes between 11 and 12 million. Want to hear some other big time names he makes more than? Three time All Star Al Horford, two time All Star Zach Randolph, and star DeMar DeRozan, just to name three. This guy hasn’t come close to an all star appearance and now he has one of the most expensive contracts in the league. He make more than the MVP!

All Pro center DeMarcus Cousins even voiced his disappointments and surprise on Twitter. After the news broke, the stud known as “Boogie” simply said “How much???” on Twitter. My thoughts exactly. Boogie makes 16 million, which is two million more than Thompson, but here’s the catch. He’s earned his keep. He’s the star on his team. He has personal accolades and stats that back up his money. Thompson doesn’t have any of that.

The Cavaliers just made a horrible mistake. They’re lucky that the NBA is raising the salary cap after this year, and soon, 82 million for a role player will be standard. But for this year, and for a guy who hasn’t improved much over the course of his career. It’ll be interesting to how he reacts to this deal. Some players only play well in contract years because they want a big pay day, which is terrible. If he shows that he can play like he did in the Finals, I’ll gladly eat my words, because the Cavs are my pick to win it all this year. At least Tristan Thompson has had a better week than Klay Thompson (no relation… as far as I know), who may or may not have ended his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Hannah Stocking, who is stunning, but I digress. Tristan Thompson, prove the Cavs that they made the right decision in keeping you around for at least another 5 years.


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