The U Fires Al Golden

Miami suffered its worst loss in program history this past Saturday. The Hurricanes lost 58-0 to ACC rival Clemson. Miami’s defense let up 567 yards while their offense only put up 146 yards. After the game Miami decided to part with their head coach of 4 years, Al Golden, and name Larry Scott interim coach. Under Al Golden, Miami was lead through a time of mediocrity, with only one 9 win season. As well, the Hurricanes did not win an ACC championship, and did not contend for any national championships under him

Miami brought in Al Golden after his time spent at Temple. While at Temple, Golden coached for five seasons with records of, 1-11, 4-8, 5-7, and 9-3. following the 9-3 season Miami came knocking and Al took the job. He was hired with the hope of bringing Miami back to its winning ways from the early 2000’s. Instead he further drove them into mediocrity.

When Miami brought Al Golden in, they wanted to usher in a new era. It was time to say goodbye to all the flash and arrogance that surrounded this program and it was time to play old school hard working football. No individuals, no stars, but one team that was ready to win. None of that happened. Instead Miami lost any little trace of swagger they had remaining from the national championship years, and they played like an ok team. That is why Al Golden is now out of a job

As Miami begins to look for a new coach, they are going to have to start thinking about a return to the old. The U has to become The U again. Their players need to be from Miami, their players have to celebrate, and their players have to bring swagger back to Coral Gables. Miami needs a coach that can bring that to the program if they ever want to be The U again.


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