J.T. Barrett out next week for OVI

J.T. Barrett was arrested for an OVI last night. It was reported that he was arrested earlier this morning near the Ohio State campus for operating a vehicle while impaired. Urban Meyer and Ohio State’s staff has already to decided to suspend him for next week’s game against Minnesota on November 7th. This is bad timing as he had just been named the official starter for last week’s game. His first game as a starter this season he performed exceptionally well going 14 of 18 with 223 yards and 3 TD’s. He also ran for 101 yards and 2 TD’s.

In his one week as a starter he played noticeably better than former starter Cardale Jones. He’s going to miss what would have been the second straight start for him this year but now he has just put his job back in danger. Cardale was able to beat him out to start the season and although he has struggled so far this year he could switch it around very easily. This is still the man that played exceptional in Ohio State’s 3 biggest games last year and lead them to a National Champion. If he finds a groove next week J.T. Barett could spend the rest of the year on the bench. Cardale has serious talent with a cannon arm and if he can get on the same page as receivers, this could be a turning point in J.T. Barrett’s career.


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