MLB World Series 2015 Recap

The Kansas City Royals were crowned champions of Major League Baseball on Sunday and their win put my predictions total at 5-4 which definitely isn’t bad. I believed in KC from the beginning of the postseason and they certainly carried my predictions overall. Kansas City’s team was just too deep and too clutch for the Mets and the Royals clinched the series after only Game 5. The Royals parade in Kansas City had over 400,000 people in attendance and it shows that baseball in Kansas City has really come a long way.

Even though the outcome might not indicate it, this series was a very close one, the Royals came back to win all four games that they won, two of which went into extra innings. The Royals bullpen themselves were absolutely lights out, I predicted that Wade Davis wouldn’t let up one run and he in fact let zero runs cross the plate in the 10.2 innings he pitched while striking out 18. The Royals were just too deep offensively, they didn’t have any guys that were liabilities in the batter’s box and every player seemed to exceed expectation. After watching the Series, I didn’t really know who the MVP was going to be, I thought that it was up in the air, Perez, Moustakas, Davis, Escobar and Volquez all had shots at earning it. In the end it was Perez who batted 0.364 in the World Series.

The Mets looked impressive, they played harder than I had expected them to. People will question Collins’ decision to leave Matt Harvey out there in the ninth but in his defense the Mets bullpen had been lackluster and Harvey was spinning a gem. On the contrary, I would’ve left him out there to start the ninth but I would’ve pulled him after the walk he issued. Ultimately I think that the Mets lost this series due to their bullpen, their bullpen just couldn’t get it done in crunch time. Three out of four losses were given to members of the Mets bullpen. Therefore, in theory the Mets with a strong bullpen could have won this series 4-1 but that is an argument for another day.

The Royals have a few key members up for free agency with Ben Zobrist, Johnny Cueto and Ryan Madson along with Alex Gordon who has a player option. I think that the Royals will be able to resign Gordon once he declines his player option and maybe take a shot at both Zobrist and Madson. But the bullpen of KC could live on without Madson so maybe they’ll let him walk. I do not think that the Royals will come close to reaching a deal with Cueto. If the 2016 Royals are a different team from the 2015 Royals, can they do it again? I would say no, but after losing James Shields in the offseason of 2014-2015, maybe people also said no but the Royals found a way to succeed. Not only succeed but to win the World Series.

Congrats to the Royals organization and front office, I really like how this team executed in 2015 and the roster that the front office put together, I’m excited to see the changes and free agency changes to come for KC.


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