Colts Franchise Takes Another Step Backwards, Fires The Wrong Man In This Dumpster Fire Of A Season

The Indianapolis Colts have relieved offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton of his duties…well, that’s how head coach Chuck Pagano put it. Cut the BS Chuck, you fired the guy. And guess what? Y’all made a mistake.

This was Hamilton’s big break, his first major coaching job in the NFL. And at 41, he will absolutely find another one. Kevin and I agree- he’s an offensive genius. In fact, he worked with Andrew Luck while at Stanford, and we all know how Luck did there. He’s not the reason for Indianapolis’ struggles thus far offensively. I mean, come on. The guy can only coach the players he’s given. Andrew Luck sounds like a nice name, but when you actually look at the body of work the Stanford product has put out this year, can you really put the blame on the guy calling the plays? It’s not his fault that Luck hasn’t hit a target all year long.

Couple that with the fact that his lead option at running back is Frank Gore, who reminds me of that old Camry that every other teenager starts out with for their first car- it might not run as well as it used to, but it just won’t give up. That’s Gore at this point, he’s a ’97 Camry. His receivers are T.Y. Hilton (good, but not dominant), Andre Johnson (also over the hill) and Donte Moncrief (not quite there yet). Hamilton just didn’t have the necessary pieces to make it work. I get the Colts had a good offense last year, but actually that brings me to another point.

You’re not gonna fire Andrew Luck, obviously, right? What about Chuck Pagano? I’m not impressed with him as a head coach. He’s a nice story and everything and I’m sure he’s not the worst person in the world, but you don’t think he deserves some of the blame? What about general manager Ryan Grigson, who put this joke of a roster together?

The fact is that there is turmoil in Indianapolis. And why wouldn’t there be? They had Super Bowl expectations after being throttled, manhandled, and embarrassed in the AFC Championship game. They’ve come out and their superstar quarterback has sucked. Don’t sugarcoat it for the kid anymore! Luck isn’t a rookie, he’s a veteran. There’s no excuses. I get he’s been a little banged up, but he sucked before his injury and hasn’t improved upon returning. Indy is 3-5, but they’re lucky. They could very conceivably be 0-8 (oh, how I wish this was the case). So good call, Indy. You not only fired the wrong man, but you didn’t make your team any better as a result of it. Actually, you probably made it worse. I hope with all my heart the Colts miss the playoffs. Oh, and always remember Indianapolis, you’re tacky and I hate you.


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