Patriots-Redskins Recap

The Patriots unsurprisingly beat the Redskins at home yesterday, though they did leave a few plays out on the field. New England won yesterday mainly because of two things: first, they just have more talent than the Redskins. Plain and simple. The second being the Redskins were literally awful yesterday. Like they didn’t do much right at all. So let’s get into it.

Offensively, it’s hard to be upset with the Pats’ performance. Putting 27 points up is seen as low for them, but I’m definitely not complaining. The first quarter was dominating, but it’s easy to forget that they had two turnovers. Julian Edelman fumbled trying to garner extra yards, so I can’t really be upset with that. Especially since it’s not like #11 makes a habit out of that. The second was a pick from The Great One, the second of the season for him (first one that truly is his fault). But Brady made a bad decision and a bad throw. It proved, however, to be his only mistake of the day. While you can’t be upset with their 17-0 start, it very well could have (and probably should have) been 31-0 in the first quarter.  So I guess that says a lot; I’m sitting here in class writing a critique on a three score lead when it should’ve been a four or five score lead. To me, the biggest thing that happened yesterday was Dion Lewis going down. It looked bad; it seemed to be a non-contact injury (more or less), and it was hard to get a read on it. After watching it, I cycled through sprained ankle, to ruptured Achilles, or worse. The official release is that he suffered a knee injury, and at the time of writing, there hasn’t been any elaboration or timetable on his return. Hopefully it won’t be too bad. As we saw against the Jets, he brings a different dynamic to the offense, and missing him could be big.

Defensively I’m pretty happy. Other than a garbage time touchdown, they held Washington to 3 points. I won’t pretend that they have a dominant offense, but that’s a massive confidence boost to a Patriots defense that has been hard to define this year. It definitely helped that Redskins’ receivers looked like they’ve never caught a football before, totaling at least 7 drops. Logan Ryan came down with his fourth pick of the year- a gift-wrapped interception that went right through Pierre Garçon’s hands. They really only let up two real successful drives out of the Redskins all afternoon. I was happy with the secondary and happy with how the front seven played. Overall, it was one of their better performances of the season.

This Sunday, the Pats have the Giants. I especially want a win this weekend. It goes past the two Super Bowl losses, because realistically it’s not like either happened yesterday. In Patriots’ terms, they might as well be ancient history. But my roommate is a Giants fan, and I like to see him sad when it comes to football. A preview will be out by the end of the week for the game against the G-men, in yet another week where I’m expecting a win.


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