Wes Welker To The Rams…But Does That Help?

Wes Welker was complaining this week about not having a contract with an NFL team this week. I don’t know if it was to market himself or whatever, but regardless, he has signed a one-year deal with the Rams. Currently, St. Louis is tied with Seattle for second in the division, trailing the Cardinals by two games.

The Rams needed a receiver and needed one badly. Their top pass-catcher is Tavon Austin, with a measly 28 catches, tied for 68th in the league. Though there’s no doubt that Austin is talented, they thin out after him, with the overrated Kenny Britt and Brian Quick. If the Rams want to make the playoffs in a stacked NFC, they’re gonna need help, and they’re gonna need it fast. Todd Gurley has been great, but he can’t just carry the squad forever.

My question isn’t whether the Rams needed a receiver or not. My question is if Wes Welker is the guy or not. The 34-year old hasn’t had over 100 catches since leaving the Patriots after the 2012 season. Now, sure, I get it. He went right to Denver, where there was more talent as far as the receiving corps goes. I get that his targets were going to drop. But he fell to 73 in 2013, and 49 last year. This guy isn’t the same, and he’s lost more than a step, he’s lost some brain cells. He’s taken a beating over the course of his career, as most possession wideouts do. But he’s had some serious concussions in parts of two seasons with the Broncos. His small stature doesn’t exactly help protect him either.

So while I get the demand, and Welker is a part of the supply (Ha! Economics!), I don’t think he helps the Rams out. But, I doubt he hurts them, so I guess it’s worth a shot.


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