CFB Week 12 Pick ‘Em

I start almost every Pick ‘Em post with something like this but… damn, what a week. We say some serious shake up in both the AP Poll and College Football Playoff Ranking. I can’t even sit here and tell you there’s a sure-fire pick yet, and I know Kevin thinks the same. I mean, every single team that you could name as a potential playoff squad has either lost, or barely survived a close game (if not both). When the new rankings came out, I won’t lie, I had some problems with them. I think Oklahoma State is too high, and I think LSU fell a little far. Last week, my picks were 17-5, while Kevin’s were 14-8. But I digress. We got Week 12 on deck for you right here.

Note- there are no games involving ranked teams until Saturday. #23 Wisconsin has a bye week. Not that they’re ranked, but since we usually pick them, Boston College also has a bye week.

#11 Florida vs. South Carolina
Tyler: Florida didn’t have the sexiest win last week, but a win is a win. The Gators’ D got it done. I don’t think they’ll have any problems with the 3-6 Gamecocks. Florida might have already clinched their spot in the SEC Championship, but they’re looking for a more prestigious spot. Gators by 10.
Kevin: Florida has one of the best defense in football and that’s why they keep winning. They can shut down pretty much any offense. South Carolina is going to have their hands full trying to get the ball moving. Florida by 11.

Kansas vs. #13 TCU
Tyler: I’m happy TCU lost, but I think they fell a little too far. I still think they should be about 10th. Trevone Boykin didn’t play well last week; my bold prediction proved to be true in theory. But he’s way too talented to let that happen again. Especially against Kansas. TCU by 17.
Kevin: It was a very tough week for TCU as Trevone Boykin played his worst game last week and they lost stud receiver Josh Doctson. Kansas, though, is still one of the worst teams in the country and does not stand a chance. TCU by 18.

#2 Ohio State vs. Illinois
Tyler: Ohio State didn’t really click with Cardale Jones back in the starting lineup, all but solidifying Coach Urban Meyer’s decision to put JT Barrett back into the starting lineup. The Buckeyes should go right back to dominating, in what is sure to be their last easy game of the year. Buckeyes by 27.
Kevin: JT Barett will be coming back after last weeks suspension and he’ll be looking to get right back on track which should’t be too hard for the sophomore. Ohio State by 21.

Maryland vs. #14 Michigan State
Tyler: Michigan State lost, but did they really? Regardless if the referees blew that call (which they absolutely did), the Spartans are still at fault for letting the game be that close. Unless some crazy stuff happens, they’re out of the playoff picture. On the bright side, though, they’ve got a cupcake this week before their matchup against OSU. Sparty by 14.
Kevin: Michigan State should not have let last week’s game ever be that close. The offense was not too bad but the defense played probably its worst game of the season. They’ll be taking on a struggling Maryland team and should be able to find their feet again before a huge matchup next week. Michigan State by 10.

Purdue vs. #24 Northwestern
Tyler: Northwestern ducks back into the Top 25 this week against Purdue. Can’t say I’ve really followed either team excessively. But they’ve rattled off back to back wins against Nebraska and Penn State, so I’ll stick with their momentum. Wildcats by 7.
Kevin: Northwestern makes it back into rankings after they fell out earlier this year. They look like the team from the beginning of the year and should be able to find a third straight win this week. Northwestern by 10.

NC State vs. #19 Florida State
Tyler: Florida State is toast after losing to Clemson. However, Saturday showed how Dalvin Cook can really play with the best of them. If you ask me, he’s right there in the conversation for best backs in the country not named Fournette. They’ll handle NC State this week. Seminoles by 10.
Kevin: Florida State started off hot but Clemson just had more talent and that became evident as the game closed. They are no longer in the playoffs, but Cook turned in another huge performance against the top team in the country. Look for the seminoles to abuse him once again as they try to bounce back. Florida State by 17.

#3 Alabama vs. #20 Mississippi State
Tyler: Ever since the loss to Ole Miss, every game for the Tide has been a must-win. And every single week, they’ve responded, including a convincing win over LSU last weekend. This is the last true game I think Alabama has until the SEC Championship. I think it’ll be another easy win. Bama by 17.
Kevin: Alabama has not had a misstep since the early loss to Ole Miss. They’re looking for a second straight playoff berth and they have been making a strong case. The Tide have a great back in Derrick Henry and a great defense. The combination of those should be too much for the Bulldogs to handle. Crimson Tide by 14.

#1 Clemson vs. Syracuse
Tyler: Clemson will keep on rolling until at least the ACC Championship Game. Tigers by 21.
Kevin: This should be another win and an easy one for the top team in the country. Clemson by 21.

Miami (FL) vs. #17 UNC
Tyler: UNC won convincingly against rival Duke, and they’re playing with eyes on a matchup against Clemson for the ACC Championship. They’ll need to keep winning to maintain their lead over Pitt, and that’s exactly what they’ll do. Tar Heels by 14.
Kevin: UNC dominated one of the most overrated teams in the country this year. They went out and did what they wanted to. They have a great shot at the ACC championship and Miami shouldn’t be too big of a task this week. UNC by 17.

Wake Forest vs. #6 Notre Dame
Tyler: Preview has already been released. Just please stay healthy. Notre Dame by 20.
Kevin: Wake Forest really struggles offensively and Notre Dame should be able to stop them on all fronts. Notre Dame by 21.

#5 Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State
Tyler: I like Oklahoma State’s team, and I loved the fact that they ruined TCU’s playoff hopes last week. That doesn’t change the fact that I think they’re still ranked too high. It’s not like this week will help my argument, because they’ve got Iowa State, who is awful. Cowboys by 17.
Kevin: Oklahoma played great against TCU getting out to an early lead and capitalizing on turnovers. They have been opportunistic and they managed to get the 2 QB system going. Oklahoma State by 20.

#15 Michigan vs. Indiana
Tyler: Going away for any team is no easy task, but there’s no denying Michigan’s talent. I don’t think Indiana will provide too many issues for them. Michigan by 14.
Kevin: Michigan has been pretty much eliminated from the playoff race but they still have a talented team lead by Coach Harbaugh and their defense. They go into Indiana with the better team but this will be a close one. Michigan by 7.

SMU vs. #22 Navy
Tyler: Navy took down Memphis last week, in a game that I believe should’ve knocked the Tigers out of the rankings. I think they’re playing inspired football behind their soon-to-be graduated leader, Keenan Reynolds. Navy by 10.
Kevin: Keenan Reynolds is one of the best players in the country and there is no denying that. As a rusher no one has ever had an answer for him and he can throw it when he has to. Behind his lead Navy should find another win this season as they take on SMU. Navy by 13.

#21 Temple vs. South Florida
Tyler: South Florida is a weird team to judge, as most from the AAC are. I’ll still take the Owls, though. Temple by 17.
Kevin: Temple has been the king of small programs this year, and South Florida has yet to register a win against real competition this year. They have managed to play well but have not put it together. They’ll keep it close but temple will manage a win. Owls by 7.

#25 Memphis vs. #16 Houston

Tyler: Memphis shouldn’t be ranked after losing to Navy, if you ask me. Houston should knock them out of the rankings by exploiting their 115th ranked pass defense. Houston by 14.
Kevin: Memphis’ defense has a big task ahead of them trying to slow down Houston’s passing attack. Houston has been able to throw all year and they spread defenses thin with their offensive scheme. This task will be too much for Memphis, and Paxton Lynch won’t be able to bail them out. Houston by 10.

Arkansas vs. #9 LSU
Tyler: Arkansas are owners of the most thrilling game of the season to date. Honestly, that finish was probably the best I’ve watched in college football. And while LSU is coming off of an embarrassing, demoralizing loss in Tuscaloosa, the Razorback magic will end. It’s not like LSU is at the same level as Ole Miss… they’re way better. Bayou Bengals by 10.
Kevin: Fournette is going to play his best game of the season, and there is nothing the Razorbacks will be able to do. He played by far his worst game this year against Alabama and he’ll be looking to get back in the Heismen race. Fournette will have a season high in rushing with no less than 2 TD’s. LSU by 11.

Oregon vs. #7 Stanford
Tyler: Oregon isn’t good this year, and Stanford is on a tear. I think the Cardinals have an outside shot at the playoffs if they keep on winning. Despite the Ducks’ athleticism, I think Stanford has this. Cardinals by 10.
Kevin: The Ducks are coming off 2 huge wins, with what I think is the most exciting game this year when they took on Arizona State and the blow out against CAL. They are extremely athletic and fast. I think they matchup well against Stanford. I don’t think the Cardinals are going to have an answer for all the different attacks the Ducks use and special teams which is always a plus for Oregon will have a big factor in this weeks game. Oregon by 4.

#12 Oklahoma vs. #4 Baylor
Tyler: Jarrett Stidham looked really good in his first start against Kansas State. But there’s a big difference between the 114th ranked K-State pass defense and the 15th Sooner pass defense. 99 spots to be exact. Look for Baker Mayfield to tear the Bears’ D apart, though Baylor’s firepower will keep them around. Oklahoma by 3.
Kevin: I really like Oklahoma, and they have been playing great. Despite numbers I think that Oklahoma has the best offense in this conference and they have a great shot at winning it. I also really like Baker Mayfield, especially going against a porous defense and a freshman QB. Oklahoma by 7.

Minnesota vs. #8 Iowa
Tyler: Clean. Games. Hawkeyes by 7.

Kevin: The play style isn’t changing, and the Hawkeyes aren’t losing. Iowa by 13.

#10 Utah vs. Arizona
Tyler: Utah climbs back into the top ten, and they’re on the road this week. I believe I’ve said this before, but I think Arizona is one of the hardest places to play in the PAC-12, if not the country. Nonetheless, too much Devontae Booker. Utes by 12.

Kevin: Arizona has stubbled this year, with a lot to blame on inconsistency. Even at home you don’t’ know how the wildcats are gonna come out. Utah is quite opposite as they have a steady offense led by Devontae Booker, and they have a top defense. This should be another win for the Utes. Utah by 13.

Washington State vs. #18 UCLA
Tyler: Washington State sucks. UCLA by 17

Kevin: Easy win for Josh Rosen and the Bruins. UCLA by 20.


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