College Football Weekend Recap

Another week has passed, and rankings have been released once again. This week didn’t have too much movement at the top, but for the remaining teams trying to make a case to break in the top 4, it was quite the big week.  It’s time for N2K’s college football weekend recap.


Alabama Asserts its Dominance

This week Alabama took on #20 ranked Mississippi State. Many people thought that the Bulldogs could make it a close game but the Crimson Tide wasn’t having any of it. Alabama completely shut down what had been a very efficient offense up to that point. Nick Saban’s defense let up 6 points and got a total of 9 sacks. Offensively, they leaned on Derrick Henry who gained 203 yards and 2 TD’s. Alabama is now ranked third and should be able to get into the playoffs easily unless they suffer a fluke loss.


LSU Says Bye to the Playoffs

On Saturday LSU suffered its second loss of the season in a total shocker to Arkansas. For only the second time all year Fournette was held to under 100 yards. Arkansas managed to contain the star back almost all game forcing LSU to pass the ball. Brandon Harris played solid, throwing for 271 yards, but he just wasn’t talented enough to get it going for the Tigers. Defensively, LSU shat the bed allowing the Razorbacks to run all over the field. This is a huge loss and pretty much eliminates the Tigers from playoff contention.


Stanford can Join LSU in the Offseason

Another one loss team still in playoff contention managed to really screw up their playoff hopes on Saturday. Stanford was working its way up the polls, playing some of the best football in the country. When Saturday rolled Stanford was taking on the Ducks. They played well offensively throwing for over 300 and rushing for over 200. They controlled the game and had the ball for almost 30 more minutes than the Ducks. Oregon was just too fast paced for them. The Ducks managed to put up 38 points in just above 15 minutes of possession. They were too explosive for Stanford’s defense and because of that Stanford is going to need a lot of help to get in the playoffs.


Utah Wants to Join the Losing Party

Devontae Booker could not win it for Utah. He played great going for 145 rushing yards and a TD. The Utes have been leaning on him all season and he’s continued to produce for them in every game, they just do not have enough talent around him and that could be seen against Arizona. Utah played good all game, but it just looked like Arizona was better. They had a multi faceted attack that Utah couldn’t stop and now they’ll be joining LSU and Stanford, watching the playoffs on TV most likely.


The Week’s Biggest Matchup

Oklahoma and Baylor faced off on Saturday in a game that would have obvious ramifications in the rankings. I like Oklahoma and I think they should and will make the playoffs. The one loss they have was a total fluke. This week against Baylor that is what they showed. They are legit, and all this talk about the BIG 12 offenses needs to have the Sooners on top. Baker Mayfield played great Samaje Perine was on fire. They are going to make a real push for that final spot in the playoffs this month and it’s time to look out cause the Sooners are rolling.


Heismen Pick

I’m sticking with Derrick Henry. He had another 200 yard game and added a couple of touchdowns. He’s extremely talented and no one did anything to close the gap this week. Fournette could still push him if he plays great to close of the season, and if Clemson’s Deshaun Watson can put up gaudy numbers the next couple of weeks he could make a push as well but for now I’m sticking with Henry.



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