The Houston Rockets Fire Kevin McHale

Some big time news has been dropped out of Houston. Earlier this morning the Rockets fired head coach Kevin McHale. McHale was in his fifth season with the organization. His record finishes at 193-130 and led the team to three consecutive playoff appearances and a trip to the Western Conference Finals just last spring.

However, this year the Rockets are off to a sluggish 4-7 start, and the team was under extreme scrutiny. The players actually held a players only meeting after getting blown out by the Boston Celtics at home. They have three bad losses, two to Denver and one to the Brooklyn Nets. The defense has been porous and allows the second most points per game at 108.5.

Some of the blame can also be placed on the offense, as James Harden is average 27.3 points per game but he’s only shooting 37% from the field and 26% from three point range. The offense is middle of the road in points and assists.

Houston was expected to contend for an NBA championship this season after acquiring point guard Ty Lawson in the offseason from the Denver Nuggets. The Rockets still have a very talented roster consisting of All-Stars James Harden and Dwight Howard. The team from H-Town also has Trevor Ariza, Marcus Thornton and Terrance Jones filling out the rotation.

Firing McHale so soon into the season may be a bit harsh. He’s an accomplished coach and many teams have gotten off to poor starts in the past to become contenders. The Houston Rockets are still a very good team with a lot of talent. Whoever is named interim head coach will be in a great spot to turn this team into the contender that they should be.


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  1. Tyler Bates says:

    This is way too early to can McHale, if you ask me. I won’t pretend to watch a significant amount of NBA games before the playoffs roll around, but you can’t deny Houston’s talent. Someone’s coaching strategy or game planning can’t just go from really good to really bad in a single offseason. I think it’s attitudes of the players over there, a sense of entitlement (I’m looking at you, Dwight Howard). I almost feel like they thought that their ticket to the Western Conference finals was already punched entering the year.


    1. I absolutely agree. McHale is an accomplished coach and player. He was a mentor to Dwight Howard. He actually got Harden to play some type of defense. They had improved every year under his lead. I think the problem is Ty Lawson, he’s been terrible and has the second worst PER among point guards this year so far.


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