Les Miles Fighting for his Job

The LSU Tigers are losers of 2 straight games. After getting out to fast start where they went to 7-0 and were a top 4 team the tigers have begun to struggle. No one can really blame them for the loss to Alabama, who is consistently one of the top 3 teams in the country every year, but their latest loss leaves a lot to be desired. The Arkansas Razorbacks, who already have 4 losses on the season, went into Death Valley last weekend  and managed to beat the Tigers by 17. This was also the second straight game where star running back Leonard Fournette couldn’t rush for 100 yards. With LSU losing pretty much any shot it had at the playoffs people are calling for Coach Les Miles to be fired, and there have been reports that he is now coaching for his job these last 2 games.

Miles started coaching at LSU back in 2005 and started his career off with back to back 10 win seasons for the first time in school history. In his third season as head coach Miles won the SEC championship and he went on to beat #1 Ohio State in the national championship. After that Miles went 7-5 in the next season but following that he brought the tigers back to stardom. The Tigers became known for their lockdown secondaries, and the stars in their defensive backfield as they rose up again. In 2011 he managed to go undefeated but lost 21-0 to Alabama in the national championship.

Ever since that loss LSU has not been able to get back to the top of the SEC. He has suffered two 3 loss seasons and last year he went 8-5 while going .500 in the SEC. That are not acceptable seasons in the bayou. With his recent struggles people had started speculating last year that a new coach may be needed, but all of that talk ended with the hot start this year. He got everyone to shut their mouth and support them until he matched up against his Kryptonite. Alabama stopped LSU like it was nothing and because of that Miles is on the hot seat again.

Les Miles is an extremely talented defensive coach, especially in the secondary where he has consistently developed top tier talent. Where he has always struggled is getting his offense going. His offenses have been good before, but he always manages to struggle getting the most of his top offensive players. Players like OBJ and Fournette have performed well because of their talent but have seen production hindered by the system they play in. Quarterback Brandon Harris a former 5-star recruit is another great example. Miles has not managed to get a consistent performance from him and has limited his rushing attempts, which is his top skill set. Miles has these last two games to prove that he can still effectively coach the Tigers, and if he does not then there’s a great chance there will be a new face leading the Tigers next season.


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  1. Tyler Bates says:

    Despite LSU’s struggle to rise to the top of the SEC in recent years, does a small part of you think that firing Les Miles is jumping the gun just a little bit? My opinion is that they would need a really clear plan B in order to let him go… I feel like they definitely don’t want to have an open search in case of a downgrade.


    1. It is definitely a risky move to fire him without a plan B he is still a good coach, but LSU is such a big name that they could very easily find an elite coaching talent

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