Notre Dame-Boston College Preview

I’ve realistically been waiting for the newest chapter of the Holy War since it was announced. Kevin and I thought that we were going to make an effort to go to Fenway. I think it would’ve been an awesome experience, considering our conflicting fanhoods. But at the end of the day, the date fell one Saturday too early. A 42-inch TV in my common room is going to have to suffice. Either way, this will be an unreal experience at America’s greatest sports venue. If you are going to that game, I’m sincerely jealous of you.

I know this is technically a home game on Notre Dame’s schedule, which explains the sharp-looking blue and gold endzones. But, this is a home game for ND in every sense of the word even though it’s 900 miles east of South Bend. Over 5,000 alumni live in the Boston area, with thousands more fans who weren’t smart enough to go to the school (Example? Me.). I’m excited because, while I’m expecting a win, I’m also expecting an entertaining game and a solid test.

BC is a team that is completely incapable on offense. They’re quite literally dreadful when they have the ball. While ND doesn’t have the best defense in the world, I don’t think that it’s too far-fetched to expect them to hold the Eagles to under 20 points. I honestly couldn’t tell you who BC’s primary quarterback is. In fact, I couldn’t tell you who their go-to guys on offense are. ND doesn’t have too much pressure, despite the fact that they’re the ones with their playoff hopes on the line. And here’s why- if you score 20 points, you win. BC’s offense has averaged 23.3 points per game, but that number is greatly inflated by a 76-0 win over Howard. Without that game, their average output is 17.4 points per game.

That’s not even counting their special teams play. College kicking is iffy to begin with. But seriously, BC has been one of the worst field goal teams I’ve ever seen. There are times that I won’t believe in Justin Yoon, but whenever I see BC play, I have zero faith that they will convert a kick into 3 points. Don’t forget the fact that the wind blows weird in Fenway Park to begin with. If it’s whipping around, I’m curious if that will play a role in the outcome. If you can’t trust your kicker within 30 yards, that’s bad, and that doesn’t make for a successful game.

From there, that’s where the Irish need to take over. BC allows 72 rushing yards per game. That’s not a typo… 72 yards. It’ll be a tall task for Josh Adams and a banged-up CJ Prosise. But realistically, they shouldn’t, and won’t, the the focal points of the offense this week. Yet again, this falls on the right shoulder of DeShone Kizer. BC is pretty stout in the passing game too though- they only allow about 165 yards through the air. Consider this, however; against Deshaun Watson, the only quarterback better than DeShone Kizer the Eagles have faced, threw for 420 yards against them, for three touchdowns. NC State just put up 24 points on them. Virginia Tech put up 26 on them. Save Clemson, this is the best and most complete offense BC will have played all year long.

This will be a relatively low-scoring game. I expect 24-ish point out of the Irish. And I have faith in their defense against BC. I think Kevin, my friend Mattheus (current sophomore), and my aunt (BC ’89) should be proud reading this, because I typically tear into BC any chance I get. I do have respect for the Eagles defense. But to think they stand a serious chance to take the Ireland Trophy? I doubt it.



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