Was Cam Newton’s Dance Too Far?

Cam Newton grabbed headlines this weekend, but not necessarily because of his dazzling performance on the field. Instead, it was for his touchdown celebration; a celebration that Titans players took offense with. If you have not yet seen the play and the touchdown, check it out here.

Scoring celebrations happen in every sport. It doesn’t matter- you see basketball players reload the gun, you see hockey players scoop ice or jump into the boards, or baseball players flip the bat. There’s definitely a line about what is appropriate and what is excessive. If you want examples of excessiveness, you can look at Terrell Owens… literally almost every time he scored. Or maybe when Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson donned a Hall of Fame jacket after scoring. Don’t forget about Doug Baldwin pooping the football out during last year’s Super Bowl. I’d even deem Jose Bautista’s infamous bat throw (note the word throw, not flip) towards the dugout of the Texas Rangers.

They’re examples of excessiveness. TO’s most famous celebration was standing on the Dallas Cowboys’ star not once, but twice. This is excessive due to disrespect for the opposing team. I’m all for trash talk, but if you completely make a mockery of the other team, I think it goes too far. Johnson was over the top with that specific celebration because he just wasn’t destined for the Hall of Fame; I wouldn’t have had an issue with it if he was actually that good. But he wasn’t. So relax. Baldwin’s is too far for obvious reasons. And Bautista’s bat throw was showing up the Rangers, not celebrating his home run.

But in Cam Newton’s case? There’s no problem. Look at that run! He absolutely bullied his way into the end zone, he should be happy he scored. The only way I can reasonably see someone get upset is because it took too long, which is what I think the Titans’ player had an issue with. But don’t talk trash if you can’t back it up! That’s not on Cam for being better than any and all Tennessee player, that’s on the 11 guys on defense who can’t stop him. He didn’t do anything obscene or disrespectful, he didn’t show anyone up until Woodyard got in his face, so it’s fine!

Why can we just not let players have personality nowadays? Should it have been a story this far into the week? Absolutely not. ESPN and every other news outlet just needs to make a show out of everything, which is why I think it’s blown out of proportion.

In the end, this is just my opinion. What do you guys think? Excessive? Or individuality?


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  1. Also another celebration could be Randy Moss when he faked to moon the Packers fans. But Cam’s dance didn’t go over the top in my opinion. It wasn’t derogatory towards anyone. And I love how he says if you don’t like it don’t let me score.

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    1. Tyler Bates says:

      I’m all for emotion and I’m all for tactical trash talk. If you can talk and use it to your advantage, then all power to you. If Cam talked a big game and didn’t score, I’d look at him differently. While acting like you’ve been there before is classy, I don’t think it’s the be-all end-all

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