The Ongoing Battle Between George Karl and Boogie Cousins

Recently, the Sacramento Kings have been a laughing ground in the NBA community. They haven’t been to the playoffs since 2006, after making the playoffs each of the previous eight seasons. The Kings have had six coaches in the last ten years. Neither of those coaches have lasted more than three years. The amount of uncertainty and turnover in this franchise have left it in the gutter for the last decade. The last three seasons, the team has seemed to flatline at 29 wins.

The franchise does have a cornerstone in center DeMarcus Cousins. Sacramento took him fifth overall in 2010 and been a beast since draft day. Boogie is arguably the best center in the Association, but he does come with some baggage. He’s very vocal and plays with a lot of emotion while on the court. His emotions also go into the locker room and while he may not be the best teammate, his desire to win is almost unmatched in the league. His knack for letting his emotions get the best of him a lot, and he even butts heads with coaches.

The Kings thought they made a good signing when they brought in great coach George Karl. He has over 1,000 career wins in his time in the NBA. With his experience comes the expectation of success and the old theory of his way or the highway. Since day one, the Hall of Fame coach and his enigmatic center haven’t really been on the same page too much. The couple tried to repair a broken relationship and things seemed to be going smoothly until about two weeks ago, when Cousins reportedly cursed out his coach, using some choice words that would make even Tom Brady proud.

At this point, it seems that all is lost between Karl and Cousins. With a distraction like that on an already losing team, there’s no margin for error for both parties. Karl and Cousins are two of the best at their craft, no doubt about it. But there are already a few big ego’s on the Kings’ roster. With players such as Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo also running the poor excuse for a show in Sac-Town. It’s an old fashioned Texas standoff where one of them says “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us.”

And as Celtic’s fan, I really hope it’s Boogie who gets booted out of town, as Cousins has been linked to Boston for about three years now. He was even rumored to be traded for his current teammate and former Boston point guard, Rajon Rondo. There also seems to be a more logical solution to replacing Boogie as the Kings selected Willie “Trill” Cauley-Stein over the summer in the draft. Unfortunately for Sacramento, there aren’t many great coaches, and even few great centers just laying around waiting to be picked up. But one of these guys has to go before it gets worse.


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