Notre Dame-Boston College Recap

That was some of the worst football I’ve ever watched. Honestly, that’s the only way to put it. I sent a text to the N2K group chat last night that had two takeaways: BC’s defense does not get nearly enough national attention for how good they are, and their offense is even worse than advertised. Obviously winning by 3 points to a bad team (despite their efforts, which were good, let’s not play games. They’re a bad team.) isn’t ever what you want. But for 60 minutes I sat there cussing more than Coach Addazio did on the sideline.

DeShone Kizer looked like a redshirt freshman for the first time all season long. His interceptions were all products of bad reads, bad decisions, and bad throws. All were forced by pressure. Two of them were literally some of the most gift-wrapped interceptions I’ve seen in my entire life. CJ Prosise suffered an ugly ankle injury that left him on crutches. I haven’t really seen any official reports, but to my naked, non-medically educated eye, he’s done for the year. That along with his shoulder injury is just too much. But even before that, it’s not like he was lighting it up. His runs were either hit or miss, simple as that. Not to mention, he lost one (almost two) fumble(s). Will Fuller was non existent until the third quarter, and while he did get his catches and his yards, he wasn’t that much of an impact. He dropped a few, which comes with any wide receiver. But the ones he dropped? Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

As for the defense, I thought they looked good. It definitely helps that BC is utterly inept in calling offensive plays. But either way, they were in the backfield a lot, they were stopping guys at the line, and they weren’t allowing significant yards after the catch. I’d rather not see guys like Jeff Smith (who is FAST) take off for 80 yard touchdowns and not be touched, but that was the only breakdown they had defensively. Scratch that play, and BC got 222 yards of total offense. Considering how much their defense forced the Irish off the field, I’ll take those totals.

There is good, however. Chris Brown’s touchdown catch was awesome, very reminiscent of Randy Moss. Him and Amir Carlisle really torched their defense, with 6 catches, 104 yards and 7 catches for 97 yards respectively. Even on his worst night, it was good to see that Kizer was still throwing for over 300 yards, and still making a few good throws. They still picked up 447 total yards, so they were moving the chains. Obviously you don’t want to see 5 turnovers ever, but it’s definitely better than having 5 turnovers AND not being able to move the ball.

In the end, they’re still very much in the playoff picture. I was having this conversation with my friend Fitz last night. Ohio State and Oklahoma State both losing helps immensely. A Big 10 team should make the playoff, but quite frankly, that’s not a complete given. Iowa gets utterly disrespected consistently by the committee, but you can’t say style points matter for teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan State but not for Iowa. They just don’t put up sexy numbers. The Big XII beats up on each other badly; I’m with Kevin in thinking that Oklahoma is the best team that they have to offer. They’ve definitely been rolling as of late, but will that loss to Texas come back to haunt them? It remains to be seen, but my honest guess is yes. If the Irish beat Stanford at Stanford, I just don’t see both a Big XII team and a Big 10 team making it; only one or the other. I could be wrong for sure, but I don’t think any programs remaining in the mix have the bias that ND will on the committee. Fair? Maybe not. But I’m over it. ND played their worst game of the season by far and still caught some Irish good luck falling in their favor.[1]

[1] That was really corny, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist. Like seriously, the pun was right there for the taking.


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  1. The Irish were honestly lucky to win this game. Not many times you can turn the ball over five times, with three in the red zone and get away with it. You have to think Brian Kelly ripped into his team saying that they have one more game before they get in and if they play like that against Stanford, they can kiss a national title bid out the window.


    1. Tyler Bates says:

      You’re definitely right about the turnovers. At the end of the day, they won simply because they had more talent on the field. But, you can’t get into those habits. By no means am I justifying 5 turnovers, but going against the #1 defense in the country, I almost expected 2 maybe 3. But that stuff will not fly against Stanford, especially with even less guys in the rotation now due to injuries to Prosise and Russell.

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      1. I didn’t know that BC’s defense forced that many turnovers. It’s really a shame they have zero talent on the offensive side of the ball. I read the Prosise is doubtful. Russell’s injury kills the secondary. He’s probably your second best player on defense behind Smith, and maybe Sheldon Day depending on how you view him.

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      2. Tyler Bates says:

        It speaks to BC’s recruiting offensively, if you ask me. If your leading receiver doesn’t even have 20 catches, your top rusher doesn’t eclipse 400 yards, and your defense is elite, then you’re not doing a complete job. I’d definitely be looking for a strong run game and I’d recruit as such, but their offense just has no direction. Agreed with the loss of Russell, that’s huge.


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