College Football Weekend Recap

This weekend had a great set of games, and saw a lot of major headlines. Some great football was played and the playoff committee has a lot of work cut out for them as they try to assess the top spots following a tough week for the best ranked teams.

Les Miles is in Trouble

As I wrote about last week, Les Miles is in serious trouble of losing his job. Some reports were saying that the last 2 games this season would be used to decide on if LSU should bring Miles back or not. Reports are now coming out that LSU is coming close to a decision and Miles $15 million dollar buyout is not a problem at all for the school. This is all coming out after LSU’s third straight loss, this time coming to Ole Miss. Fournette managed to get back to the 100 yard clip in this game but that’s where the bright spot ends. This team is not playing well. Their offense is nothing unless Fournette is playing lights out, and even at the top of his game he can only do so much. LSU’s defense has been underwhelming and that was on display saturday. They let Chad Kelly go for 280 and 2 TD’s through the air while he added 81 yards and another 2 TD’s on the ground. The playoffs are completely out of the question for LSU and it seems like they’ll be looking for a new coach when the season is done.

Oklahoma State Joins the Losers

Oklahoma State’s shot at a perfect season is gone thanks to the weekend’s matchup with Baylor. The Cowboys had absolutely no answer for Baylor’s offense. The Bears managed to put up 45 points and 700 total yards led by sophomore receiver KD Cannon who had 210 receiving yards and 2 TD’s. Oklahoma State’s offense was playing on a much different level. Although they put up 35 points, they turned the ball over 3 times and got outgained by almost 300 yards. Oklahoma State made it very had for themselves to get into the playoffs now and I don’t see them making it.

Oklahoma Survives Fourth Quarter Scare

Samaje Perine is back and the football world has to look out. If he does not play the game he did TCU would have won this game. Baker Mayfield played probably his worst game this year and had to leave after suffering a hit and going through a concussion test. Their backup is not the same caliber player and that was seen, but Perine saved the day. He went for 188 yards and a touchdown. Ever since the Texas Tech game he’s looked like the running back that wowed us last year and that is a scary thought. If he continues to play the way he does and Baker Mayfield returns without a concussion the playoff committee has to give some serious thought to this team as a 4 seed. They have one of the best offenses in football and a strong list of wins with one final matchup against Baylor next week to make their final case for a spot in the playoffs.

The Weekend’s Biggest Matchup

Ohio State goes down. Michigan State beat Ohio State 17-14 on Saturday and it comes with a lot of headlines. To start off there is the obvious. Ohio State took a huge hit to their playoff hopes with this loss and they could be kissing their season goodbye. This was an ugly defensive game with no pretty stats. J.T. Barrett played horrible and Ohio State’s receivers cannot say much different. As for Elliott, well he only touched the ball 12 times. After the loss he came out and basically said it was on the coaches. He may not be all wrong either. They switched up running schemes in the game and  it showed as the bulk of Elliott’s yards came on a few carries. After he couldn’t get it going it was basically useless for the buckeyes.  They now also know that both Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliott will be leaving for the NFL after this season, and it seems more like a breakup than it does anything else. Ohio State may have just found themselves in a fragile state at the worst time possible.

Heisman Pick

Derrick Henry is still my choice. He only touched the ball 9 times but it was against Charleston Southern, so it went for 68 yards and 2 TD’s. He’s still my favorite for it, and following another loss by Fournette’s Tigers, and the disgruntled comments of Elliot he may just be pulling away with it. I’m sticking with him but I still like Clemson’s Deshaun Watson. He seems to just keep hanging around the conversation and he is the quarterback for the country’s best team so keep your eyes out for him.


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  1. I know Iowa vs Purdue isn’t something to write about, but Iowa has been disrespected all year. Clemson, Bama and Notre Dame are all locks to be in the top four right now, do you think Iowa is the last team in at this point?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I came out with the rankings today yes I would put them in, but I still think following next week Oklahoma will be able to get in with a win


  2. Tyler Bates says:

    I think the Big XII as a whole just proves their identity- they love wide open offenses, and they don’t know that defenses are a thing in football. I’m definitely biased towards ND, but even thinking about all of the possibilities, do you think that loss to Texas hurts Oklahoma? I get they’ve been a different team since that loss, but the fact is that it’s still on their record. Right now, I think the Big 10 champ gets in before the Big XII champ


    1. Oh absolutely it does. If Oklahoma doesn’t lose to Texas they’re in there no doubt, maybe ahead of Notre Dame. Baker Mayfield is a potential Heisman candidate depending how bad his concussion is.


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