Proof Irish Football Makes Me Sad Even When I’m Happy: KeiVarae Russell Out For Year

The last thing Notre Dame needs are more injuries, especially of the season-ending variety. But, here it is. KeiVarae Russell is toast for the year, with a right tibia fracture. He’s having surgery tomorrow, and doctors are saying it’ll be 6-8 weeks in recovery time. That means he’s doubtful for the national championship game if the Irish were to make it that far. “Shut up Tyler, Notre Dame isn’t going to the championship game. You’re stupid.” Be that as it may, the point still persists, his season is over, and I am now sad.

It’s seriously really good for ND that they’ve played their way into the playoff discussion this far into the season with the amount of injuries they’ve dealt with. Yeah, they’re a part of the game. But 7 season ending injuries? Including your starting quarterback (Malik Zaire), starting running back (Tarean Folston), starting cornerback (Russell), starting safety (Drue Tranquill), and so on? Imagine for a second how good they’d be if they had any of those guys still on the field. I get there’s always silver linings- DeShone Kizer’s emergence is just one. Even so, why does this one have to be this late into the season, seriously? I mean, they WILL make the playoff if they beat Stanford on the road. Why can’t the football gods (sacrilegious, kind of ironic, considering I’m Catholic and so is the school I’m writing about) just leave the Irish players alone?

I hope he will be back next year. Russell is a good, but not great, cornerback who isn’t afraid to be physical. He’s the team’s second leading tackler and a veteran presence for a defensive back group that leaves a lot to be desired. He still does have a year of eligibility, as a redshirt junior. Russell missing time is huge, but nonetheless… Please, please please though… beat Stanford. Don’t lead me on like this. The Irish are dangling the playoffs in my face, and it’s so close I can almost taste it.



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  1. Actually laughed out loud to the “I can almost taste it” part

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