Today In Sports History- November 23rd

Another installment of Today In Sports History, and boy was it a decision between three of the most iconic moments in sports history. In 1991, Desmond Howard did his rendition of the Heisman trophy pose.


Not too accurate to the actually trophy, but whatever, he won it and I didn’t. Just last year Odell Beckham made the most ridiculous catch anyone had ever seen. And in 1984, Doug Flutie’s prayers were answered with a famous Hail Mary against the University of Miami Hurricanes. As for things that aren’t sports related, Franklin Pierce,the 14th President of the United States was born (shoutout to Franklin Pierce University, my current place of education). In 1859, Billy the Kid was born and would become one of the world’s most famous outlaws. Also, the first issue of Life magazine was issued in 1936.

Instead of choosing just one of those great moments, we decided to just write about two of them.

First off, Odell Beckham Jr. was only a rookie playing in his seventh NFL game. He missed the first four games with a hamstring injury (I tragically dropped him from my fantasy team as a result). This game in general was OBJ’s coming out party to the NFL. This incredible catch was just one of his two touchdowns on a night where he had 10 catches for 146, in a losing effort. In 12 games as a rookie, Beckham had 91 catches, for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. Beckham’s catch came on primetime in front of a national TV audience. Color commentator Chris Collinsworth, who I HATE, called it the best catch he’s ever seen. He also went on to call it an “impossible” catch.


And you know what, he’s probably right. Beckham actually caught this ball with three fingers, first and foremost. He tiptoed the sideline and was falling down after he drew a penalty on Brandon Carr. Beckham’s catch basically broke the internet and it’s still being shown across the world. After this catch, videos on videos surfaced of Odell doing the same thing in pre game warmups. The kid seemingly does it in his sleep, and that’s scary for cornerbacks trying to cover this kid. There’s no doubt the LSU product is a star in the NFL, but his catch made him seem like a God. But this catch may never live up to the famous Flutie Hail Mary.

The matchup between the U and Boston College was expected to be a great one, and it sure lived up to its billing. The Miami Hurricanes were the defending national champs and were ranked 12th in the country. BC was ranked number 10 at the time. The game was a back and forth affair that came down to the last play. On the “Hail Flutie”, Flutie rolled out, avoided a sack, and then launched one to the end zone. The pass eventually found Gerard Phelan, who instantly became a trivia question worldwide as to who caught the Hail Mary from Doug Flutie. The video of Flutie jumping up and down to the end zone is one that has been played countless of times over the years.


This game was an instant classic. Radio man Dan Davis and CBS announcer Brent Musburger both had calls that will send chills down your spine. What makes this play even more miraculous, is that Flutie, a 5’9 quarterback, threw the ball into very stiff wind and somehow got the ball into the end zone. In the 47-45 victory, Flutie threw for 472 yards and four touchdowns. During the matchup, Flutie also became the first college quarterback to throw for over 10,000 yards in a career. He out dueled Bernie Kosar, who played 11 years in the NFL. Flutie is a Boston College hero for what he did at the school. He’s a collegiate football legend for passing for more than 10,000 yards in a career. But Flutie is a sports legend and hero for this one play against Miami.

November 23rd holds some remarkable moments in the sports world. The Flutie Hail Mary and Beckham catch will be shown forever as defining moments in sports history. Both of these plays have defined these players career, even though Odell has plenty of years left in his tank to play. Their names will become synonymous with their plays, as they are sports moments that should be cherished forever.


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