Message to LeBron James: Get Over Yourself

LeBron James has always showed his emotions on the court. It’s easy to tell when he’s frustrated, happy or just pure amped and running on emotion. Lately, LeBron has been letting his emotion get the best of him. At least three times this month LeBron has seemed to let how he feels dictate his game and he’s getting some bad PR because of it.

The first moment happened against the New York Knicks on November 4th. The Cavs were wearing some of the NBA’s new short-sleeved jerseys. LeBron had earlier said that he wasn’t a fan of the new jerseys. In the second quarter, James decided to just rip off the sleeves on his jersey right off. Right in the middle of a game, like Superman, or the scene from The Natural (basketball edition). There could be a few reasons as to why a player wouldn’t like the jerseys. The sleeves are extremely tight at the shoulders, which could restrict rotation of the shoulder, which can effect shots, passing and defense. Plus, the jerseys don’t look all that comfortable to wear. I for one am not a fan of the new jerseys.

In that game against New York, James shot 9-23, while shooting 1-5 from three and 4-7 at the foul line. LeBron is jacked, so they might be even tighter on player with his body type. Granted, he is an NBA player and that wasn’t his first time wearing the jerseys. But as the leagues most marketable player, you have to think some type of change will come due to LeBron destroying the jersey.

The next LeBron outbreak was sort of unwarranted. Following a loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, which ended an eight game winning streak, LeBron ripped into his teammates. He challenged their effort and said they weren’t a great team, even though their record stood at 8-2 at the time of the loss. But when you have a roster as talented as Cleveland’s, you expect to win every game, just look at Golden State. In the game against Milwaukee, the Cavs had 21 turnovers, with LBJ committing seven of them, and shot a measly 63% from the foul line.

Despite the struggles Cleveland only lost by three in double OT. LeBron scored a combined 21 points in the fourth quarter and overtimes, and ended with 37 points and 12 rebounds. Whether LeBron thinks he needs more help remains to be seen, but Cleveland should win the East, especially with Kyrie Irving hopefully returning soon. If LeBron is angry after a loss, I get that, but what he did against the Atlanta Hawks is absolutely inexcusable.

The other night, at home against Atlanta, James did one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen on a basketball court. The Cavs just had a really ugly possession on offense, and LeBron just walked off the court. Like literally while the game was still going on. This isn’t hockey, bro. You can’t just leave the game when you want to. Get over yourself. You were part of the problem and now you’re going to leave your team down a man.

I don’t care that they blew the play dead and gave you a tech. You left your teammates out there. LeBron acted like a child, a baby even. We get it LeBron, you are the team. But that gives you no right to just leave the court. The thing that makes me mad is that David Blatt just laughed it off like it was nothing. That is a serious issue. I don’t know whether anything was said to LeBron, I doubt it because he’s the best player, and is basically the coach and general manager, but something has to be said. Inexcusable. The Cavs were up by 26 when he left the court. If the Cavs were losing by that much MAYBE it would be at least understandable.

This kills the locker room and quite frankly makes LeBron look like an a-hole. It makes him look like a terrible teammate. The Cavs are 10-3; there should be no reason to complain about a bad pass. David Blatt and the rest of his teammates are too afraid of LeBron to say anything to him. It’s blasphemous that someone would even think of doing something like that. With an attitude and action like that, there’s no surprise that your team lost in the Finals. GROW UP LEBRON! Everyone knows that you’re better than that.


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