The Heisman Candidate No One is Talking About

Today, Oklahoma will be taking on Oklahoma State in their last chance to prove that they belong in the second annual college football playoff. After last week’s win, Oklahoma’s hopes seemed to be in jeopardy when their star player left with an apparent head injury. That player was junior quarterback Baker Mayfield. He went through concussion protocol and was cleared earlier this week. Mayfield has lead the Sooners to third spot in the playoff rankings so far, and only has one blemish on the season. That leads me to ask the question, why has he not been talked about as a Heisman candidate?

Currently, the race is led by Alabama running back Derrick Henry. He has played great this year, but has had a couple missteps throughout the season. There have been four games where he has not been able to reach 100 rushing yards, and that would be ok if he could make up for that in receiving yards, but he cannot since he has the pass catching ability of a lineman. Behind Henry is Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson. He has played well and had some spectacular games but his numbers just aren’t that special. His entire case for Heisman revolves around his team being ranked number 1. After that it’s a mess between Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott (the nation’s best all around back), Baylor’s star receiver Corey Coleman, Stanford’s do it all Christian McCaffrey, and Navy’s touchdown machine Keenan Reynolds. All of these players have played great and put up good number but they all leave something to be desired.

Baker Mayfield is the leader of this Oklahoma team. When star back Samaje Perine struggled at the beginning of the season Mayfield kept this team going and he has done it all season. He transferred in and made this team his. For the most part the Sooners live and die by the charismatic Mayfield, and although it seems like he lets his emotions get the best of him at times it always leads to inspiring performances for his teammates. He has thrown for over 300 yards 5 times this season and has been a plus in the running game this year. On the season he has gone for 3,209 passing yards, 33 passing TD’s, only 5 picks, and he has rushed for 343 yards and 6 TD’s. Mayfield has played great all year, with very little inconsistency, something a lot of the other candidates cannot say. Baker Mayfield has been great and put the Sooners in the playoffs as of right now and it’s time for people to start recognizing what he can really do. Mayfield deserves an invite to New York and he deserves more consideration for College Football’s most prestigious award.


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