College Football Weekend Recap

Rivalry Week has come and gone, and for some it meant elation and joy while others fell into despair and depression. Playoff rankings have come out and some people saw their chances slip away while others hold on with dear life since all they can do is sit back and watch. Without further ado here’s the recap for college football’s most fan powered week

Stanford Spoils ND’s Season

Notre Dame had high hopes this season, with a legitimate shot at making the playoffs this season. The Irish got bitten by the injury bug throughout the entire regular season losing key players, but they managed to stick around and win. Heading into the weekend they were ready to make a statement that would cement them as a playoff team. Stanford had other ideas. This was the best game of the weekend with non stop back and forth action. The Irish managed to keep Christian McCaffrey out of the endzone but still allowed him to go for over 200 all purpose yards. They also got picked apart by Kevin Hogan who threw for 4 TD’s. Notre Dame’s defense struggled, and their offense just didn’t have enough in them. The Irish’ season is not over but now they just have to wait and see which bowl game they’ll play in.

Ohio State Creates a Problem for the Committee

Ohio State absolutely destroyed Michigan. Jim Harbaugh looked like a baby that got thrown in timeout while he was trying to figure out how to stop the Buckeyes. The problem is you cannot stop, they can only stop themselves. The Buckeyes  played bad last week but you cannot forget that  Ezekiel Elliott only touched the ball 11 times. He came out and made statement. Him and the Buckeyes don’t need a lot of opportunities to score. They make big plays and when they hit stride no defense can stop them from what they want to do. They embarrassed a top 20 team and have more talent than anyone in the country. The only problem is they aren’t in a championship game, which means the committee may have to leave out a team that has more NFL talent than anyone else.

Alabama Isn’t as Dominant as We Thought

For the past couple of weeks people have been talking about Alabama as a team that cannot be beat anymore. They have looked great, and receivers such as Calvin Ridley and ArDarious Stewart have begun to emerge opening up even more running lanes for Derrick Henry. This week however they let Auburn hang in with them. Yes the Tigers benefited from a very lucky play but they still managed to play a good game against Alabama. The Crimson Tide showed signs of weakness, and when it counts they’re going to run the ball. They trust Henry and only Henry. For him to have 46 is just absurd. Most college running backs top out at 25 a game, and Alabama is beginning to show weaknesses that LSU had because of their dedication to the run game. I’m not sold on Alabama and although they will make the playoffs i do not want to buy them as a champion.

Oklahoma Makes a Statement

The Sooners outplayed Oklahoma State in all aspects of the game. They looked like they weren’t even playing a ranked team never mind a potential playoff team. They created turnovers and were opportunistic on defense. Offensively they couldn’t be stopped. Talented freshman Joe Mixon and sophomore stud Samaje Perine both went for over 130 rushing yards and each added 2 TD’s. Baker Mayfield was efficient in the passing game going 17/25 for 180 yards and 2 TD’s. What really put them over the top though was Mayfield as a rusher. He had 11 carries for 77 yards and a TD. When he’s running teams have to account for 3 players in Mayfield, Perine, and Mixon, that can all rush for over 100 yards in a game. Oklahoma is a real threat to win the national championship and they came out and showed it.

Heisman Pick

I’m going with Baker Mayfield this week. He runs the offense for this Oklahoma Team and puts them over the top making them a real contender. He gets it done through the air and on the ground leading the Sooners to a win every week since the fluke against Texas. He is a talented player that can lead his team to biggest stage in college. At second I have Ezekiel Elliott who had a huge bounce back week following a loss to Michigan State. He possess elite speed and is the best all around back in the country. On top of that he does more with less carries than almost all elite backs in college. Last I have Henry whose numbers are great but he gets more carries than almost any other back in the country and that is only because Alabama has inexperience in the passing game.


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  1. As of right now, who is in your final four?


    1. Right now I have Clemson at 1, Alabama at 2, Oklahoma as 3, and Michigan State at 4, but I believe Iowa could very easily make it and UNC Clemson is a very interesting matchup


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