BREAKING: Red Sox Sign David Price

Many say the lack of a star pitcher is why the Sox disappointed last season and now to assure that didn’t happen again? Cue David Price.

Welcome to Boston David Price!

Literally hours after I published an article about why the Red Sox should sign Price and how Dombrowski is going to start heating up the stove, Boom, Price is a Red Sock (Sox? Singular Red Sox?) The deal is 7 years worth $217 million (according to Pete Abraham) And the best part is that Dombrowski and the Red Sox are JUST getting started. Chris Young is a piece to a bigger puzzle, also the rotation and the bullpen could be better. With relievers like O’Day, Madson, Soria just to name a few still available don’t think that the Sox bullpen is Kimbrel, Uehara, Tazawa, and Ross come Opening Day. With the acquisition of Young, the trade possibilities for JBJ or dare I say it even Mookie are brought back up. Could Mookie be sent to the Big Apple in exchange for Matt Harvey? How about Hanley (Sox still shopping HanRam), JBJ, and a prospect to be named later for Harvey? The possibilities are endless.

Dombrowski has made this team a playoff contender already, and we haven’t even gotten to the Winter Meetings yet. The Reds and Pirates are shopping Aroldis Chapman and Mark Melancon, imagine a bullpen headlined by Kimbrel and Chapman or Melancon? Cueto is still looking for a home as with Greinke, could Boston be their final destination?

As I said already, the possibilities are endless, but nailing down a perennial Cy Young candidate and ace for seven years is huge.

Just over a month into the offseason the Red Sox Opening Day roster has transformed into an AL East powerhouse and a team hungry to send Big Papi out in style.

Current Red Sox Starting Rotation

LHP- David Price

RHP- Rick Porcello

RHP- Clay Buchholz

LHP- Eduardo Rodriguez

LHP- Wade Miley

Other Starters

LHP- Henry Owens

RHP- Joe Kelly

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody but you can only typically have five starters in a rotation therefore, Welcome to the trade block Joe Kelly, Henry Owens, and Wade Miley. If the Sox can’t play them, why keep them? Other teams could use them and will give up a lot for them. Especially 2014 Top Ten prospect Henry Owens. I’m not saying that the Sox will trade Owens but Bob Barker said it best, “If the Price is Right” and maybe a team will channel their inner Don Vito Corleone and “make [us] an offer [we] can’t refuse”.

Still a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks so hold on tight Red Sox Nation because we’re just getting started.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim the first says:

    It’s funny WBZ has a possible rotation with Price first, then EROD and Clay only comes in as a #5 and they put that as a maybe. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


  2. Tyler Bates says:

    Could you see Joe Kelly moving to the bullpen? There’s no doubt he’s got quality stuff and exceptional velocity, but he’s obviously never put together a complete season. I know he was on absolute fire in August and September, but he also was as bad as it gets for the duration of the first half of the year. I think he can find success in the back end of games.


    1. I was actually talking with Luke about the possibility of putting Kelly in the ‘pen. I think it’s a good idea personally.


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