Where Should Johnny Manziel Move On To?

Johnny Manziel just cannot stay out of headlines, no matter how hard he tries. Obviously he got suspended while still playing at Texas A&M for allegedly selling his autographs. Earlier this very season, he was involved in an altercation with his girlfriend– a story that quickly died. The latest story, in my opinion, is a bit of a force. Manziel was out at a bar on a bye week and he was caught on camera. He was clearly drunk. While I don’t have an issue with whatever you want to do during your week off at all, he lied about what he was doing. Plus, I think deem it a fair assumption that the team has some sort of rules in place against those things.

I also think his time in Cleveland is done, one year after drafting him 22nd overall. I think it’s best for both sides; Cleveland isn’t right for Johnny, and Johnny isn’t right for Cleveland. That got me thinking to where he would take his talents. And honestly, lots of teams make sense. Here they are:

Houston Texans

Houston might be in contention for the AFC South this season, but that doesn’t mean that they have a reliable quarterback. They’ve turned to TJ Yates as of late, but they also haven’t been afraid to move away from the UNC quarterback, as they cut him when he won them a playoff game a few years back. Bill O’Brien needs a guy that he can build his offense around, and while Manziel isn’t the type that BOB has looked for in the past, he’s got undeniable talent. Plus, Manziel is a Texas guy, so he might be willing to come home.

Dallas Cowboys

Speaking of teams in Texas, the Cowboys also makes sense. Obviously, they’ve got a pretty solidified starter in Tony Romo. But I think this could work for several reasons. The first and foremost is that Manziel cannot afford to be picky. He definitely wants to start, but after his antics and spotty performance with the Browns, he simply will have to take whatever he gets, even if it’s a backup gig. Jerry Jones is a fan of his, and the Cowboys’ boss isn’t afraid to sign players with questionable reputations (Greg Hardy, drafting Dez Bryant, etc.). The ‘Boys almost took him in the draft, and they could still potentially see a future in Manziel, especially since #9 takes a beating game-in and game-out.

San Francisco 49ers

Colin Kaepernick is done for the year, but that’s probably a good thing for the once-proud franchise. I don’t think Kaep is the guy for the 49ers at all. You all know my feelings for him- I think he sucks. While I think Kaepernick is better than Manziel, the current signal-caller for the 49ers isn’t the answer anymore. I don’t think he has full support of his team, coaches, or fans. Johnny could come right in and run a similar offense because of his similar skill-set to Kaepernick, so that way there isn’t too much of a buffer period for San Francisco players.

New York Jets

Isn’t Johnny Manziel a perfect Jet? He’s athletic, he’s dumb, he’s not afraid to speak his mind… Jokes at the Jets aside, signing Money Manziel makes sense. Geno Smith isn’t the answer. He just isn’t a good quarterback, and he’s excellent at isolating fans and his teammates. It’s not like New York can build around Ryan Fitzpatrick long-term, and I think Johnny could actually find success in the Big Apple. It could be an attractive destination for Manziel, if nothing else, because of the bright lights, which he of course never shy’s away from.

St. Louis Rams

The Nick Foles experiment has failed miserably. The Rams are only missing two things to be a legitimate threat out of the NFC- a wide receiver and a quarterback. They can solve one problem by bringing Manziel to St. Louis. He’d be able to run the option with Todd Gurley, and he’d bring excitement back to the Rams, who have been rumored to be moving to LA for some time. You never know if he’s going to succeed or not, but I think I’d rather bet on Manziel’s high ceiling than Nick Foles’ sure mediocrity.

Philadelphia Eagles

Nick Foles has sucked, but that doesn’t mean the Eagles won the trade between the two teams this past offseason. Sam Bradford has been just as bad, if not worse. Behind him, I don’t think Mark Sanchez can actually be trusted to be ‘the guy’ for a playoff-aspiring team.


Damn, that video will never get old.

If Chip Kelly doesn’t get himself fired at the end of the season, Manziel would be the perfect guy for the offense he likes to run. Manziel is obviously fast and has a good arm. It could make for an explosive offense at the end of the day.

Washington Redskins

I think ‘Controversy’ is the middle name of the Washington Redskins. They do not have a franchise quarterback, as their patience with Robert Griffin III has worn out and Kirk Cousins just isn’t that good. Based on the ‘Skins being willingness to sign guys like DeAngelo Hall, Donte Stallworth and Albert Haynesworth, I wouldn’t put it past Dan Snyder to pull the trigger and bring Johnny F’ing Football to the Nation’s Capital.


Think any of these teams are a stretch? Do you think I missed a potential team? Comment below and let me hear it.


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