Top Five WR Prospects

This years group of receivers is not as impressive as recent draft classes but they still have talent. The group of players have a mixed bag of skills  ranging from long outside receivers to small slot receivers that rely on quickness. Here is my top 5 receiver prospects for this years NFL draft.


  1. Laquan Treadwell: Treadwell became a high draft prospect following his freshman year where he showed great hands a polished route tree. He was enjoying a good sophomore season until a gruesome ankle injury ended, but he came back healthy for his junior season and it has been nothing shy of great. Treadwell has good leaping ability and long arms giving him a great catch radius, and he probably has the strongest hands in the class. He lacks elite speed to break away from defenders on deep routes but uses his strength to overpower them and put himself into position to catch almost every ball. He is an elite talent that can create mismatches on the outside and projects as a team’s top receiver as early as his first year in the league.
  2. Mike Thomas: Thomas really came into his own this season taking over as Ohio State’s top receiver. He has shown exceptional route running ability with the ability to run every route. His footwork often leads to separation from corners but he has shown he can beat teams over the top relying on just his speed as well. What really makes Thomas a top prospect though is his ability to find space and turn routes such as drags and slants into large gains. He has great elusiveness especially for someone who is 6’3” and although his numbers don’t say don’t scream first round pick his skill set does.
  3. Josh Doctson: Doctson has a skill set that makes him hard to stop. He has terrific ball skills in the air and can jump through the roof. He does not create a ton of separation from defensive backs when threatening vertical but he does make just enough to adjust to the ball and get it at it’s his highest point. He is NFL ready in terms of catching ability and ball skills but the biggest concern over him is his build. He’s slim for the outside and could struggle against press heavy schemes until he adds the necessary bulk.
  4. Corey Coleman: Coleman’s numbers this year are insane because of the system he is in but he has the talent to thrive in the NFL still. Coleman is a smaller receiver that will play a lot of slot when he gets to the league but that won’t be too different from what he does now. He has lightning quick hands snatching the ball out of the air and quickly securing it. Coleman also possess elite speed making him a threat on verts and seems but he also can turn hitches and crossing routes into touchdowns no matter how far he’s from the end zone. The concerns over him are the lack of routes he has had to run and his focus while catching as he often looks to run before he has secured a catch but if he can fix these problems he could very easily become a great NFL receiver
  5. Tyler Boyd: Boyd is an extremely polished receiver possessing good hands and full polished route tree. Boyd also he uses his body very well mid route utilizing lean techniques and fakes to create as much separation as possible He has also shown he can carry an offense when he’s had to at Pittsburgh. He does have character concerns after receiving a DUI over the summer. The biggest problems in his game is the lack of elite athleticism. He is average at best in terms of speed and leaping ability and is weaker than most outside receivers. Boyd works just as hard as anyone and could develop into a great second option for a team.

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  1. PatsFan12 says:

    Tajae Sharpe honorable mention?

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  2. Where do you think each of these guys could land? In terms of team for or just draft position. Treadwell should definitely be a top 15 pick, but the other guys range in where they could go.


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