The Miami Marlins Need To Relax

Recently, the Miami Marlins hinted that 23 year old pitcher José Fernandez was ‘not untouchable’. The wording there is key, they were in no way saying that Fernandez is on the trading block but simply a name they could consider parting with.

As seen above Fernandez is clearly a dual threat pitcher (kind of a sarcastic statement). So naturally countless calls inquiring about possibly the best young pitcher in baseball were made by franchises across the league. After a few days of suspicion, it seemed that both the Dodgers and Red Sox showed the most interest in Fernandez and the Marlins put respective deals on the table.

The Miami Marlins reportedly asked from LA, #2 prospect in baseball Corey Seager, #4 prospect in baseball RHP Julio Urias, All-Star CF Joc Pederson and two other players all in exchange for José Fernandez…. I’ll get back to that.

Now pinch yourself or brace yourself because this Red Sox trade offer is utterly ridiculous. In exchange for José Fernandez, the Marlins asked for rising star LHP Eduardo Rodriguez, rising star OF Mookie Betts, defensive catcher Christian Vazquez, a starting pitching prospect (most likely Henry Owens, Brian Johnson, Michael Kopech or Andrew Espinoza), and #1 Red Sox prospect but #8 MLB prospect Yoan Moncada. (Moncada was N2K’s #4 prospect in baseball while Seager was #2)

Deep breath

To put it lightly I think that both of these trades are insane. José Fernandez is very, very good when healthy, don’t get me wrong. He is one of the best in the game but he has only pitched one full season. Fernandez has already had Tommy John surgery and also has shown potential shoulder as well as elbow issues in the past season. The Marlins need to lower their asking price to something realistic because in reality, they will not be able to resign him. Miami has tried to extend him twice and both times both Fernandez and his agent Scott Boras not really listening. It seems as though Fernandez will be a free agent in 2018 and unless the Marlins wish to have around $60 million per year invested in only two players (along with Stanton), trade him for something while you can.

But these offers to the Red Sox and Dodgers are ludicrous. The Red Sox offer has four future All-Stars in my opinion and just that seems quite likely when guys like Moncada are compared to Mike Trout and Espinoza to Pedro Martinez. So for sake of argument and using those comparisons, the Red Sox would be trading Mike Trout, Pedro Martinez, Mookie Betts, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Christian Vazquez ALL for José Fernandez. Yikes, try again Miami.

While the Dodgers included prospects have been compared to names just as prestigious. Pederson has been compared to Robinson Cano, Seager to Cal Ripken Jr, and Urias to Clayton Kershaw. So again, for sake of argument using those comparisons, the next blockbuster trade in the MLB could be Robinson Cano, Cal Ripken Jr, Clayton Kershaw, and two more players ALL for José Fernandez.

A for Effort as they say for Miami but if they want to get some value out of Fernandez before they lose him in 2018 they need to lower their trading expectations.

P.S.- I know those “for sake of argument” trades were far-fetched but if they all pan out and reach their ceiling, those trades outline that.


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