Top Running Back Recruit Chooses Michigan Over Ohio State

According to ESPN, the top running back prospect of the Class of 2016 Kareem Walker has committed to the University of Michigan. It’s pretty well-known that I am not even close to a fan of Michigan, but why is this such a big deal that I’m writing about it? Well, Walker was originally committed to Ohio State as early as a few months ago. Uh oh…

I think this is awesome for the rivalry. Walker is obviously an excellent recruit and a potential marquee player for the coming years. I found it interesting that he decided to leave OSU, especially with most signs pointing to Ezekiel Elliot moving on to the NFL. That creates even more animosity for Ohio State fans towards Michigan. I don’t know much about Walker, but I found it random for him to decommit. I’d bet that Coach Urban Meyer isn’t too happy to read about this one.

I also think, unfortunately for my distaste for Michigan and fortunately for the sport, that the Wolverines are on the up and up. Despite their loss to Utah, they had themselves a better season than I thought they would have. I don’t think senior quarterback Jake Rudock is good, but now they will have to break in a new signal caller next year. With a young team already, they have a top-ten recruiting class that seems to be getting better by the day. They still lost to Michigan State (in a close game) and Ohio State (in a not-so-close game), but next year could be the year that they finally win the Big 10 again. They’re putting themselves in a position to do so.

Walker, a New Jersey native, is the fourth player from the state to head to Ann Arbor. The most notable New Jersey resident currently on Michigan’s roster is Jabrill Peppers, a safety who truly became a do-it-all player this past season. Michigan is really starting to lock-down that state, which for some random reason just breeds talent on the gridiron.

Watch out for Michigan. They’re coming back.


Picture courtesy of Bleacher Report.


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