Chill With The Peyton Manning Accusations

Before you read this article, do yourself a favor and read this Huffington Post article. They did a great job on reporting all the details, and frankly, I don’t want to mess any details up. Ipso facto, what allegedly happened was that Peyton Manning had human growth hormone shipped to him under his wife’s name in 2011, while he was still a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Manning’s agent has denied it vehemently, but there hasn’t been a true statement from Peyton himself that I’ve come into contact with.

I do not like Peyton the football player. While he’s an all-time great, he is not the best that’s ever lived. If you ask me, he’s not in the top three. He could never play in weather. He could never win in crunch time. He could sometimes avoid accountability for his mistakes. He received all of the credit from Colts fans when he won and none of the blame when he lost. But is he a cheater? I don’t think so.

There’s two ways to look at this right now. The first is that the allegations are not true. I only say this first because here in America, regardless if it’s how the public actually follows through, you’re innocent until proven guilty. If the allegations are not true, then I have some sympathy for Manning. My quarterback, Tom Brady, will always have the Deflategate BS hanging over his head for the rest of his life. I 100% believe he didn’t do it, but it’ll be a black mark. This is now Manning’s black mark. It’s hard in today’s professional world to avoid controversy and tabloids. Manning and Brady have been two guys that have avoided trouble until this calendar year. I will believe that Peyton is innocent until it’s completely proven that he did HGH.

The other way is that the allegations are true. Peyton used HGH in 2011. Uh, hello? Manning had already gained most of his credentials. Sure, he didn’t have the career touchdown or passing records yet. He didn’t throw for 55 touchdowns yet. But, he still already had a Hall of Fame career. He already was one of the all-time greats. Keep in mind, in 2011, Manning was hurt. You don’t just use HGH without a purpose. This is the same thing as Andy Pettitte for the Yankees. I get he ‘broke the rules’ (though HGH was only banned in the NFL starting in 2011) and ‘broke the laws of morality’, but he did so out of good intentions. Manning’s career was literally about to be over, and he thought he still had some football left. If anything, he was trying to get back on the field. It’s not like HGH is a true performance-enhancing drug- you still have to have talent, you still have to have a work ethic. So while it might be on the list of banned substances now, I’m not ready to condemn him for life over this. Either way, Manning will not escape the steroid digs or the questions that will be asked in the media.

I can’t tell any of you readers how to think- I can only suggest. And coming from a person who does not like Peyton Manning on the field at all, I suggest that a true opinion not be formed until after all the facts are brought forward, I suggest you don’t condemn, and I suggest what you think when your favorite athlete had issues too. Think about DeflateGate. Think about when Patrick Kane was wrongly accused of rape. It isn’t fair to throw his career out the window and start using asterisks until everything is proven. Wait for #18 to talk.


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