MLB Hot Stove: Where Will The Big Names Go?


With the MLB Free Agent market cooling down outside of a few big names, many teams are close to solidifying themselves as a contender. The Cubs are in ‘World Series or Bust’ mode, while the Nationals quietly are having a good offseason. The Giants, the White Sox, and the Red Sox forced people to add their teams into the October conversation. But where will the remaining top five big name free agents go?

Justin Upton

Upton is one of those players that you either really love or really hate for absolutely no reason. I’ve never been an Upton fan, he seems to start every season on fire in April and May and cool down considerably towards the end of the season. But if Justin finds himself in the right organization where he isn’t relied on as a cleanup hitter, he can definitely find success and thrive. Upton has his options open and I think the White Sox, the Giants, the Angels and the Orioles will all show interest when push comes to shove. Upton’s best bet is to wait for Cespedes, Fowler and Gordon because teams will get desperate.

Where Upton Should Go: San Francisco Giants

Where Upton Will Go: Los Angeles Angels


Yoenis Cespedes

There is no doubt in my mind that Yoenis will go to the highest bidder, it is just a matter of where that will be. A reunion in Detroit would be beneficial for both teams but Detroit already has a lot invested in Zimmermann. Cespedes has the same potential teams as Upton but also drawing interest from the Royals. Yoenis doesn’t have a qualifying offer so teams don’t need to worry about losing any draft picks. Cespedes can hit the cover off of the ball and will improve any organization wherever he goes.

Where Cespedes Should Go: Detroit Tigers

Where Cespedes Will Go: Chicago White Sox


Chris Davis

Chris Davis waited too long to accept the Orioles offer and now he finds himself up a creek without a paddle. Scott Boras, Chris’s agent, along with Davis are looking for an 8 year $200 million deal which is crazy. Chris Davis has shined at times but he strikes out A LOT. Davis has raw power but teams will shy away from his pricetag simply because he’s not worth it. Crush has had interest from the Red Sox, the Cardinals, the Orioles, and the Blue Jays. I would be shocked if the Red Sox signed him causing them to lose a 12th overall pick in the upcoming draft. The Cardinals need power after losing the Jason Heyward sweepstakes as the highest bidder. The Orioles and Davis don’t exactly get along and the Blue Jays lineup with Davis would be scary. Davis is another one of those guys who will follow the money no matter what situation he is put into in terms of winning and losing.

Where Davis Should Go: St. Louis Cardinals

Where Davis Will Go: St. Louis Cardinals


Alex Gordon

Gordon is simply asking for too much money. With that being said the Royals, the Giants, the Angels, the Cubs, the Astros, the Cardinals, the Orioles, the Red Sox and the Tigers have all spoken with him. Gordon could make these teams legit and maybe lead them to the postseason but at what cost will he ask. The Astros and Cubs have found answers elsewhere already, the Red Sox just shouldn’t. The Tigers could use him but their budget is tight after signing Zimmermann. The Royals don’t really need him to be honest. Either the Giants and Angels will get Justin Upton, while the Cardinals will get Davis. The Orioles seem to be the lone bidder along with either the Angels or the Giants.

Where Gordon Should Go: San Francisco Giants

Where Gordon Will Go: Baltimore Orioles


Ian Desmond

The Nationals really don’t need Desmond after reaching a deal with Daniel Murphy and having their #2 prospect Trea Turner ready for the big leagues. Desmond’s options look like they’re between the Padres and the Mets. Although maybe a possible move to outfield will attract other organizations. This is really a toss up because Desmond could work well with both teams so there could potentially be a bidding war. I think Desmond will favor the NL East team to try and beat his former team year to year.

Where Desmond Should Go: New York Mets

Where Desmond Will Go: New York Mets


There are definitely a few teams that have money burning a hole in their pocket and could shake this entire offseason up. It all depends on every organization’s plan on how to use some of these players. Can Desmond make the move to the outfield? If so he becomes much more valuable. Many variables are still in play and many wallets are too.

Picture from CBS Sports

Gifs from,, CSN, MattHBB and The Big Lead


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