Wild Card Weekend Recap

Wild card weekend is over and it did not disappoint. The matchups, for the most part, were great, and for the first time in NFL history, all the road teams won in the first week of the playoffs. These games have set up some great matchups for the upcoming weekend and we can only hope it will be just as entertaining.


Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs: This was easily the worst game of the weekend. Knile Davis took the opening kickoff 109 yards for a touchdown and the Chiefs never looked back.  Houston was just completely overpowered and did not even manage to put up a point. They also saw star defensive end JJ Watt go down. Kansas City’s defense turned Brian Hoyer into a turnover machine and were led by an extremely talented and underrated secondary, which managed to negate the passing attack. Kansas City also dominated in the run game, behind their star-studded front seven. On the offensive side of the ball Alex Smith played very well and Travis Kelce turned in a good performance. The Chiefs did however lose their top receiver Jeremy Maclin and he is questionable for next game. The Chiefs showed they deserve respect but they have a very tough matchup against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers: Let me start this off by making it known that I am a Pacman Jones fan and I do not think Vontaze Burfict is nearly as dirty as the media makes him out to be. This was the best game of the weekend. Pittsburgh struggled to get their offense going, but managed to get the win and saw second-year receiver Martavis Bryant really step up big with his front-flip, circus-style catch. Late in the fourth, the Bengals turned the ball over with the lead, and that’s when their classic implosion started. Vontaze Burfict got called for head-hunting, and although it was a good call, I really believe it could have not been penalized based on how physical the game was. Pacman Jones also received a penalty for his interactions with both refs and a coach. Those two players basically set up the win for the Steelers, but I think this was a case of the refs having too much power. Both teams were playing dirty and the Steelers coach Joey Porter should have received a penalty for being on the field following the Antonio Brown hit. It was a great game, and I think the Steelers deserve the win they got, but I also feel that the refs cost the Bengals a chance to win.


Minnesota Vikings vs. Seattle Seahawks: Talk about getting lucky. Both teams struggled offensively, but Seattle had done just enough heading into the fourth quarter to have the lead, but the Legion of Boom looked suspect from that point on. Kam Chancellor made a great play stripping Adrian Peterson, but outside of that, their defensive backs looked mediocre. Seattle should have lost this game, and it is as simple as that. They did not outplay Minnesota and they lucked out at the end, simple as that. Teddy Bridgewater and AP did what they could to set up the win and Blair Walsh choked on a routine kick. Laces in or out, that is an easy field goal. 27 yards in the NFL is not a challenge. Seattle gets to survive another week, and Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch could be back as they take on the top-seeded Panthers.

Washington Redskins vs. Green Bay Packers: The NFC may have something to worry about, because Aaron Rodgers looked elite once again when the second half rolled around. Washington got out to an early lead, but missed out on a touchdown because DeSean Jackson decided not to try and cross into the endzone ball first. After that, Washington was overmatched. Rodgers tossed for over 200 yards and 2 TD’s, and Eddie Lacy had some nice runs. The Packers may have found their stride against Washington, and that could spell trouble for the Cardinals when they head to Arizona this upcoming weekend.


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