The Browns’ New Approach

The Cleveland Browns are an absolute joke and it is not up for debate. They have not seen the playoffs since 2002, and just cannot seem to make the right decision. Since 2008, they have had six coaches, and they go through quarterbacks faster than any other organization. The Browns have not been able to figure it out, making questionable calls such as drafting Brandon Weeden, or giving coaches one year to prove themselves. That is the Browns of old though, as they have made some smart moves this offseason already.

The Browns decided to look outside of the regular football world for their new front office positions, bringing in Paul DePodesta, a Billy Bean disciple who uses analytics to find talent, and Sashi Brown, who has been a rising name in the sports business world. This is a huge gamble on the Browns’ part, but it brings a whole new approach to their horrific team. Neither of them really come from a football background, but both of them know how to handle money, and DePodesta has a winning background. What will really save the Browns, though, is Hue Jackson. Jackson is an offensive genius. He’s not a Chip Kelly-type offensive mind, he is a proven NFL coach that managed to turn Andy Dalton into a top-tier quarterback this year before breaking his thumb. Not only that, he knows how to get the most out of his players. Jackson is not going to make the Browns good right away, they still are almost barren when it comes to offensive talent, but he will make them improve significantly.

The Browns are going for a completely new approach, one that football has never seen before. It has been criticized already and the power setup in terms of the front office and coaching is completely backwards and does not make sense, but they need something to bring life back into the organization. Hue Jackson is a great coach, the top one on the market before he got hired, and if their front office actually works out, the Browns could revolutionize the NFL. Yes, that is a lot to swallow, but the Browns are so downtrodden that they can try almost anything to get back to respectability.


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  1. Tyler Bates says:

    I agree with your reasoning. Though unorthodox, the front office and coaching changes are the best moves they could’ve made. I’m eager to see what they’ll do and I hope they’ll be competitive as soon as possible. A huge product of their front office mishaps have been the product management has put on the field. What do you think they do in the draft for the first two or three rounds? And what do they do for their quarterback situation?


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