MLB Hot Stove: The Rockies Did What?

Okay so since my last ‘Hot Stove’ article, unexpectedly, a lot has happened. The Mets got Yoenis Cespedes, the Astros got a bargain deal worth $7 million over one year to test Doug Fister out and the Colorado Rockies made a deal that, well people are scratching their heads over.

Let’s start with Doug Fister. Coming into the 2015, Fister was in his contract year and due to his 2014 season winning 16 games while only losing 6 and earning an ERA of 2.41, expecting a big payday on the horizon. Of course, a big payday pending a subpar season and you guessed it… cue a subpar season, going a measly 5-7 with an ERA above 4.00 and only garnering 63 strikeouts. Fister was bad, but to fair so were the Nationals. Bad news for the Nationals but good news for the Astros since they got a risky yet high caliber pitcher for a small amount of money and a large amount of security. The Nationals just really are having a tough offseason, seemingly being outmaneuvered by the Mets at every turn. The Nationals ‘stole’ Daniel Murphy from The Big Apple, but not only did the Mets get a younger, comparable second-baseman in Neil Walker they also got draft pick compensation for losing Murphy. Then the Mets resigned Cespedes, seemingly under-bidding the Nationals all with their scary pitching staff remaining intact. Rough few months for Washington, on top of losing Jordan Zimmermann and Fister. The Nationals are still in good shape though since Bryce Harper is insanely good at what he does and top prospects Lucas Giolito and Trea Turner are ready for the show. Giolito was N2K’s offseason #1 prospect as well.

Now the Rockies and Rays deal. Since the Rockies signed Gerardo Parra a while back, not many people expected Dickerson to be in Colorado much longer. Dickerson has some solid numbers, but people are always skeptical about altitude in the Mile High City and what it does to offensive numbers. Personally, I think that Dickerson is a left handed talent regardless of the stadium. But McGee will be the Rockies third high priced reliever and could make over $11 million in the two years left on his deal. Dickerson on the other hand is arbitration eligible until 2019 and becomes a free agent in 2020. So kind of a weird trade off, even players but uneven lengths, but at least the Rockies got a top prospect right? Wrong. The Rockies added German Marquez, a 20 year old right-hander that with the Rays ability to develop pitching could be a 4 to 5 starter at best. But without the Rays help and player development staff I’m not so sure. Maybe a solid middle-reliever for the Rockies but not much else. Either way, the Rays won the deal, and Tampa Bay also signed Steve Pearce, great sign and extremely underrated but can play pretty much any position on the field.

Now with the offseason coming to its conclusion soon enough, expect the markets for Dexter Fowler, Austin Jackson, Ian Desmond, and Howie Kendrick to heat up. Teams are always look to make themselves more of a contender and that is the best part about baseball, come Opening Day every team is in the running for the World Series.


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