Top 5 Most Exciting Golfers

Tiger Woods will always be remembered as one of the worlds greatest athletes of all time. He goes down as one of the top 2 golfers ever. He made golf fun to watch. I could personally watch golf all day but I know many others would rather watch paint dry. Tiger Woods made golf watchable and relevant for any sports fan. Now, Tiger hasn’t won a major championship since 2008 and has not played competitively since last August. Golf needs someone new to take on the torch and make golf exciting to watch for everyone. Here are 5 golfers who I believe to be the most exciting to watch and some who I believe golf should promote as its next torchbearer(s).


Jordan Spieth:

Jordan is the world’s best golfer and placed in the top 5 in all 4 majors last year, including two wins. Unlike the rest of the golfers on the list, he doesn’t hit it particularly long or high. He doesn’t hit many great escape shots. But that is what makes him so great. He is so precise and is money with the putter and wedges and he is on of the best on tour in birdie percentage. That makes for some exciting golf and oh by the way, he’s 22 years old.



Rory McIlroy:

Rory McIlroy is number 2 in the world. He hits the ball so high and so far and when he is on his game, there is not one person in the world who can beat him (See 2011 US Open, 2012 PGA Championship and the 2014 Open Championship). He is personable, kind and funny, he is the people’s champion. Last year, he wore custom golf shoes, designed by kids who have been diagnosed with cancer, during the Irish Open. He ranks number 1 on Tour in Going for the Green percentage at almost 90%. HE DOESN’T LAY UP! Rory is one of the most exciting players there is on Tour and is really great for the sport of golf.



Bubba Watson:

Bubba is one of the most interesting players on this list. He hits the ball a mile and has more curve than a David Beckham free kick. Bubba ranked in the top 5 for driving distance since 2006. He has won two Master’s. He hit the shot of the year in 2012 in the playoff at Augusta after he hit his tee shot deep in the woods. He hooked a wedge close to 20 yards and ended up 15 feet away for birdie. It was one of the most remarkable shot in Master’s history and it secured his first major championship. Besides his crazy length and creativity, he uses a pink driver and has a head cover of himself. He is known to speak his mind both on and off the course and plays with passion. Bubba is quite the character and is so much fun to watch whether you are a Bubba fan or not.



Rickie Fowler:

Rickie is one of the most well known players on Tour. Most of that is not even due to his golf. Besides being the #6 ranked golfer in the world and the reigning Players Championship winner, Rickie is also one the most personable and fashionable on Tour. Kids are seen at every tournament rocking all orange or a flat bill. This can be attributed to Fowler. He has started this trend ever since he started on Tour. Being a former motorbike racer, he has a different background and brings his style to the golf course. Not only do fans love his golf and style, but also his personality and attitude. He signs autographs for hours on end after his rounds and always has a smile on his face. If Rickie is in contention on Sunday, you better believe fans from all over will be tuning in.



Phil Mickelson:

Phil “the thrill” Mickelson rounds the top 5. He is different than the other 4 on this list. Phil went toe to toe with Tiger in his prime. Phil is one of the best ever and already has a spot in the Hall of Fame. Known for his incredible short game, Phil has electrified people for the last 20 years. He never backs down from any shot and always plays with so much fire. I love seeing him compete. He hits some unbelievable shots and is always looking to make any shot inside 100 yards. That paired with his happy go-lucky attitude has made and will continue to make Phil one of the most exciting golfers of all time. On the left, Phil goes straight over a tree and hits it to a couple feet. On the right, Phil holes out a wedge for eagle in the final round of the 2013 US Open.


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  1. LatLon101 says:

    Nice article. ” I could personally watch golf all day but I know many others would rather watch paint dry.”
    I like to watch the grass grow!
    See Sean for clues

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