Broncos Interested In Manziel, Uninterested In Finding A Good QB

According to ESPN, among other sources, the Denver Broncos are interesting in bringing in former Browns quarterback and former Heisman winner, Johnny Manziel.

In his two season career, Manziel has started 8 games (and appeared in 15), while throwing for 1,675 yards with 7 touchdowns and 7 picks. He’s also ran for 259 yards and another score. But what Johnny Football is really known for is being a headache. Do you need a reminder? Well, you can pick from:

  • He flipped off the Redskins’ bench in the preseason during his rookie campaign.
  • His entourage got in a fight with a fan in his apartment building.
  • He checked himself into rehab after he had missed a meeting because he was hungover.
  • He got into an altercation with his girlfriend while driving recklessly… after drinking. It was later discovered that he threatened to kill her.
  • After being caught on video partying with Future, he was sat down for the final game of the season with a “concussion”, but was seen partying in Las Vegas.
  • Manziel’s father said he didn’t think his superstar son would live past the age of 24. Later, his agent dropped him.
  • Finally, tired of his ongoing issues, the Browns cut the 22nd pick of the 2014 draft.

Keep in mind, this is all stuff that happened in the pros- I didn’t even count his college past, where he allegedly accepted money for autographs and publically complained about Texas A&M.

This is a bad football move for the Broncos no matter how you slice it. Sure, I get that they just lost out on Colin Kaepernick, because he was too arrogant and selfish to cut his paycheck (one he doesn’t deserve and never did deserve, by the way). I get that they have Mark Sanchez and some no-name as their two quarterback options so far. However, bringing Johnny Football in won’t change a damn thing.

Even when this guy has been in, he hasn’t really impressed. He’s had one, maybe two good games professionally. Other than that, similar to his life off the field, he makes poor decisions and he isn’t a good leader. He’s a small guy who might snap in half if he ever got hit, especially since he would have to play against the pass rushes of the Chiefs and Raiders. Plus, you think it’s a good idea to bring a quarterback who unsuccessfully when to rehab to a state where recreational marijuana is legal?

There’s no doubt lots of Manziel jerseys would fly off the shelves and lots of tickets would be sold to go see him. But Denver has a solid set-up now; they’re defending Super Bowl champions with an elite defense and solid offensive pieces. They don’t need to bring in some entitled, partying, non-law-abiding punk to ruin their locker room. But if they want to do that to make themselves fall out of contention, then be my guest.


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  1. LatLon101 says:

    I agree Tyler. “But what Johnny Football is really known for is being a headache. Do you need a reminder? Well, you can pick from:” …….
    Football needs good QB’s , I enjoyed this article and the Notre Dame article.
    See you at the gas station!!

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