2016 NFL Draft 1st Round Recap

Best Pick(s)- Darron Lee (Ohio State, OLB), New York Jets-

Darron Lee is probably the most versatile player in this entire draft. I find him to be an excellent tackler who can play all both inside and outside at the linebacker position. Also, he can play safety. Lee is a guy who fits how defenses need to start playing- a big, physical, fast defender than can rush the passer and play both man and zone coverage.

Robert Nkemdiche (Ole Miss, DT), Arizona Cardinals-

Nkemdiche has the second highest potential of any defensive player in this draft behind Jalen Ramsey. When he feels like trying he as an unstoppable force along the defensive line that has the ability to line up at tackle or end. Arizona is already a playoff team with great leadership on defense and if they can get Nkemdiche to consistently put in full effort this could be the steal of the draft.


Worst Pick(s)- Eli Apple (Ohio State, CB), New York Giants –

Moving to the other team in the Meadowlands and another Ohio State prospect, Apple has good measurables and good tools, but he takes a lot of penalties. Like, a lot. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a first round talent. But with Vernon Hargreaves and Mackensie Alexander on the board at the time, this is a bad look. They could’ve traded down and gotten him in the late-teens, maybe early twenties. I don’t think this was a good pick AT ALL by the G-Men.

Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech), Carolina Panthers-

Vernon Butler is a good player with the tools to succeed in the NFL but this is a bad pick by the Panthers. DT is nowhere near their biggest need and Butler was a consensus second rounder among mock drafts. The Panthers also had a chance to draft a corner which they need bad, and with two very skilled prospects in Mackensie Alexander and T.J. Green stil on the board they could’ve added an immediate impact player.


Larmey Tunsil Situation

Tunsil seemed to take credit for his now-infamous bong video. And here’s my thing- that’s a big red flag, especially when you consider his arrest in June, along with taking illegal benefits which earned him a suspension. Tunsil caught a lot of sympathy on social media last night, but not from me. After his text message screenshots were released, I began to believe the rumors about his accounts being hacked. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Tunsil was doing something wrong. I think this is a risky off-the-field pick for the Dolphins, especially with a lack of leadership on that team and all the temptations Miami has to offer. Tunsil cost himself over $7 million, and he’s lucky it wasn’t more.


Great Value In Mid-Rounds

I think the best picks were made in the middle of the round. Starting with Indianapolis Colts, who took Alabama center Ryan Kelly, who can play all across the interior of the offensive line. Then, the Bills took Shaq Lawson, a freak who can get to the passer. Darron Lee is a versatile player who is a great fit for the Jets defense, which was followed by an avalanche of wide receivers (Will Fuller, Josh Doctson, and Laquon Treadwell, in that order). Each wideout is a good fit for each respective system. All in all, I think the best picks were made in this area of the draft.


Biggest Surprise

The first round ended without Mackensie Alexander or Myles Jack getting their name called. I thought Alexander was the third best cornerback in this draft, while Jack was getting raved as the linebacker with the highest potential. They shouldn’t last too long in the second round, but other than Jack’s injury, I don’t really think there’s any major red flags to either prospect.


Quarterbacks In the Second Round

Goff, Wentz, and Lynch all came off the board in the first round but there are still a lot of teams that need to look at a quarterback. The Cowboys and Browns will pick early in the second round with QB being a big need. Two other teams to look out for are the Chiefs, looking for someone with higher potential and the eventual successor to Alex Smith, and  the Bills who have made it known that they are open to taking a QB if they’re the top ranked player. Conor Cook, Cardale Jones, and Christian Hackenberg could all be off the board by the end of the second round today.


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