Basically since the start of the Celtics’ offseason, I’ve heard about how the fans want Kevin Durant. We’ve seen the Isaiah Thomas tweet, we’ve heard the offers from Legal Seafoods to feed the man, and we’ve heard the pleas of Celtics fans everywhere. Radio stations and local media outlets are all trashing on the prospect of bringing in a guy like Kevin Love, or dismissing Jimmy Butler as an option because of how unrealistic it seems.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t want either of these guys (especially Love, because he is a softie and a loser). I don’t want Dragan Bender. And actually, I don’t want Kevin Durant.

Yup, you read that right. Nope, that’s not a typo. I don’t want Kevin Durant on the Boston Celtics next year, or any year. And it goes deeper than the Lil B curse, too. Before you start calling me clueless (and sure, I am. I like the Celtics, but as far as the NBA goes, I’m not as well-read, so I’ll save you the effort), I actually have a reason.

After watching the Thunder blow a 3-1 series lead to the Golden State Warriors, who look like the runaway 2016 NBA Champions at this point, I’ve decided that I don’t want to see #35 in green and white, regardless if he has the same birthday as me. I might sound crazy. I mean, the Warriors are simply better than the Thunder; OKC has the better two individual players, but Golden State’s depth and chemistry were two obstacles that were going to be an uphill battle for the Thunder from the start. In Games 5 through 7, Durant scored 40, 29, and 27 points respectively. He shot relatively well, and to blame the decisive Game 7 loss on him wouldn’t be totally fair, especially when you consider how awful Russell Westbrook played. But I’m specifically focusing on that Game 7, and it showcases the reason Durant isn’t a winner.

In the first half, Durant took 5 shots. 5. He might’ve scored the last 7 points for the Thunder in the fourth quarter, but he didn’t even try to take over until it was too late, until Golden State had already gone on their slide. I get he’s on the same team as Westbrook, and you’ve got to keep both guys involved. I think Westbrook, as good as he is, is an even bigger loser because he can’t play under pressure at all. To me, despite Russ being a better all-around player, Durant is unquestionably the better scorer of the two. If your team just withstood the avalanche that is the Warriors’ offense and needed to get back in the game, meanwhile, #0 isn’t doing anything right, I’ve got two words for you: Take. Over. And he didn’t. He was timid and he was afraid. He panicked.

Durant is the best free agent to hit the market since LeBron. There probably won’t be another marquee player of his caliber on the open market in a while. He’d probably get the Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals at the very least. But is he the key to winning? Give me someone who’s tough, who’s competitive, who wants to win. I don’t think Durant is that guy. In Game 7, he showed me that he doesn’t have guts.

If I could hand-pick a guy the Celtics go get, it would be DeMarcus Cousins. I also think that Boogie to Boston is the most realistic move that someone could draw up. Sacramento will never be good in Cousins’s career there, ever, under any circumstance. They can’t run a team. It’s in their best interest to build up some assets and try again. Cousins doesn’t want to be there. After winning at Kentucky in college, he’s played on a porous team ever since he got in the league. He’s hungry to win. He’s tough, he’s a badass, and he fits in with the robustness identity that the Celtics portray better than anyone in this league.

I think Danny Ainge is overrated, and I don’t think he’s the genius that everyone seems to give him credit for. All those trades he made and draft picks he stocked up don’t matter if he doesn’t build a winning team out of them one way or another. Wanna impress me Danny? Lay off Durant, go get Boogie.


Cover Photo from smittyssportsmachine.sportsblog.com.


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