Six Red Sox Headline the AL All Star Game Roster

If you haven’t already heard, a total of SIX Red Sox players were named to the American League All Star roster headlined by none other than David Price himself “Steven ‘Cy Young’ Wright” himself to quote Tyler. Alongside Wright are Xander Bogaerts, David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley Jr (all of whom were voted on as starters) and somehow Craig Kimbrel.

Let me start with Kimbrel, for the record I like Kimbrel and I have since his Atlanta days but as much as I hate to say it the man shouldn’t be an All Star. Kimbrel has totaled 3 loses which already has tied his career season high loss total. Maybe I’m being a little harsh since the expectations of Kimbrel as a shutdown closer are so high but he’s earned those high expectations. Outside of not being able to pitch in non-save situations, Kimbrel has completed 17/19 save opportunities which if you’re keeping score could be an A with a little bit of extra credit. Just a tip for AL Manager Ned Yost, don’t pitch him in a tie game.

Xander has really been a force at the plate batting 0.336 with 9 HRs and 51 RBI after being a major snub last season losing out to the Brockstar himself, Brock Holt. Ortiz is playing like he’s still in his prime batting 0.339 with 19 HRs and leading the league with 34 doubles and an OBP of 0.433. Mookie Betts in just his second full season as a starter for the Sox garnered some preseason AL MVP consideration and now holds an average just under 0.300 with 57 RBI and 18 HRs.


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Jackie.   Bradley.   Jr.   Jackie Baseball had a 29-game hitting streak where his bat was about as hot as they came not to mention his always Gold Glove caliber defense. Since flirting with DiMaggio’s record (Dom that is) JBJ has cooled off to a batting average of 0.294 and thanks to his extremely torrid start Jackie will be starting alongside Mookie in the outfield for the Midsummer Classic.


Steven Wright, is perhaps the only bright spot for this Boston Red Sox pitching staff has a sturdy 2.42 ERA and after some guidance during the offseason from Tim Wakefield himself seems to have that knuckleball dancing like there is no tomorrow. That dancing has been good enough for an AL leading 3 complete games and a deceptive 9-5 record due to poor run support.

Also, Dustin Pedroia is a candidate for the AL Final Vote so if you’re a Sox fan or even if you’re not, go vote for him. If you don’t vote for Pedroia, at least vote for George Springer who played his college ball at UConn and was nice to Tyler one time at Fenway.


This article wouldn’t be complete without a few AL All Star Snubs now wouldn’t it. So my AL snubs as follows.

My man Trevor Bauer who is 7-2 with a 3.02 ERA and 87 Ks has been one of the biggest reasons to the Indians success as I predicted in my AL Central article and in my opinion is #ASGWorthy


White Sox starter Jose Quintana who has 100 Ks on the dot with a 3.06 ERA seems to never get the respect he warrants season after season and continues to be perhaps one of the most underrated pitchers in the game of baseball.

Cover Photo via WCVB

GIFs via The Big Lead,, CBS Sports, SB Nation


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