NFL Week 5 Fantasy Preview


Tom Brady against Browns

I don’t think it’s necessary for me to justify this pick, but I will for the sake of the preview. Do I feel bad for the Browns that they get Tom Brady after receiving the most unjust suspension in the history of the NFL? No, not in the slightest. They’ll probably have a sold out crowd, with Browns fans able to witness a franchise worth paying to see, led by the best QB in NFL history. I’ve never been more confident in Brady in my entire life. May there be some issues with chemistry? Maybe, but if Brady doesn’t throw for at least five TDs I will be stunned.

Aaron Rodgers against Giants

I expect way more out of Rodgers than what we’ve been seeing the past couple weeks. He really doesn’t have any excuses this year with Nelson being healthy, and an Eddie Lacy that is supposedly in the “best shape of his life”. Rodgers reached four TDs last week against the Lions, yet hasn’t thrown for 300+ yards once. What better time is there for Rodgers to have a huge game than at Lambeau field and against the Giants. This is a prime time game too, so the stakes will be amped up even more.


Derek Carr against Chargers

Carr has sneakily had a strong start to this season. So far, he has a total of nine TDs, with Crabtree being a big part of that catching three alone last week against the Ravens. Making this an even more appetizing matchup for Carr, the Chargers lost their Pro Bowl CB in Jason Verett. The Chargers are decimated when it comes to their big name players, making it that much easier for Carr to light it up on Sunday.


CJ Anderson against Falcons

For how good the Falcons have been the past couple weeks, it’s all but sure to end at the hands of the Broncos. The player playing the biggest factor won’t even be on the defensive side of the ball. CJ Anderson is the straw that stirs the drink for the Broncos, and an easy way for them to control the tempo of the game is to hand the ball to Anderson. The Falcons are still going to put points on the board, regardless of whether Anderson plays well or not. Controlling the tempo and not letting them score fast is what will win them the game, and that will be because of Anderson.

LeGarrette Blount against Browns

Tough week all around for the Patriots last week against the Bills. Blount only received 13 touches, yet gained 54 yards on the ground, which is nice silver lining going into this week against the Browns. The Browns have perennially had a bad run defense and that remains true this season, being in the top 10 worst against RBs. Blount is on the injury report for this week, so I’d keep an eye on that going forward, but it shouldn’t scare you away.  He remains one of the top rushers in the league, making him a must play against the Browns this week if playing.


Jordan Howard against Colts

Why do I not have Jeremy Langford here? Well, it appear that Langford may have been bumped out of the RB1 role, permanently. Howard got the start last week against the Lions due to some injuries. He gained 111 yards on the ground and also had three catches to go along with the rushing performance. What makes him a must start this week is the matchup. The Colts will give Howard a great opportunity to cement his role as the premier RB for the Bears, look for him to do just that this Sunday.


Marvin Jones against Eagles

Before Julio Jones’ 300 yard performance last week, Jones was leading the league in receiving yards. He currently is in second, and outside of the top 3 (Julio Jones, Marvin Jones, and AJ Green) it’s not really close in terms of yards. Jones has been a consistently high targeted player, and the Eagles magical start to this season can’t last much longer.

Kelvin Benjamin against Buccaneers

Despite then Panthers lackluster start to the season, Benjamin is right back where he started. While his stats in terms of yards don’t scream elite, his ability in the red zone does. He’s averaging a TD a game with four so far this season, and the Buccaneers have the worst defense against WRs in NFL so far. Regardless of the defense, not many can find a suitable candidate to cover Benjamin one-on-one. The Buccaneers will find that out on Sunday.


Sterling Shepard against Packers

Shepard was easily every single person’s #1 sleeper before the season started. Which is why I’ve done my best to resist putting him here in the sleeper category. Until he truly takes away touches from OBJ, he will be a sleeper though. This might not be too far off from happening. In the past three games, he’s been targeted at least seven times, making it seem that Eli is trusting him more as the season goes on. Marvin Jones roasted the Packers earlier in the season, Sterling Shepard has the opportunity to do the same.


Zach Ertz against Lions

Ertz being back is huge, especially for my own fantasy team. Ertz has slowly been climbing the ladder among elite fantasy TEs. Despite being a rather a healthy player, playing 15 or more games in the past three season, he’s been hampered by some injuries to start this year. Playing the Lions this week, the second worst team against TEs, he should be able to get back on track.

Martellus Bennett against Browns

In a completely unbiased opinion, I have three Patriots present on this week’s preview. While Gronk continues to be slowed down by injuries, Bennett will reap the benefits. He’s had two games of 100+ receiving yards, and his bad games on inconsistent QB play. With Brady back and is infinite love for the TE in his passing attack, Bennett could see a ton of targets especially in the Red Zone.

Staff Picks

 TJ – Tom Brady

He’s playing a Cleveland passing defense that won’t be able to stop Gronk and company. He’s angry, he out for revenge. Tom Brady is a MUST start this week against the Browns. I expect over 300 yards and 4 TDs.

Tyler – Danny Amendola

In a week where Tom Brady returns against a questionable-at-best Browns secondary, Amendola looks good when you consider Rob Gronkowski and now Julian Edelman are beginning to deal with injury woes. Look for a big week out of #80 for the Pats.

Cover Photo via Deadspin


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